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my feelings for the day.
how do you feel today?
comment with a pic link showing your mood.

Claudia - Les Tuileries - Paris

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Claudia 20
I am a student in Communication

I wear a coat by ZARA
Skirt by MANGO. Shirt by CAMAÏEU.
Shoes and Bag are gifts from friends.
Perfume: "Poison" by DIOR
I love Fashion and I don't like arrogance.

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Salima - Etienne Marcel - Paris

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Salima 29

I am a Marketing Computer Forming Assistant

I wear a coat from Galeries Lafayette
My dress is from London. Shoes from ZARA.
Hat by SINEQUANONE. Perfume by Chantal THOMAS.
Fashion is femininity. My look is classic.
I love dancing. I don't like navy blue.
My message to the world is: Make love !

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My 100th post

Id like to celebrate
My 100th post

by posting my past
spring/summer 2008

I'm kind of intimidated to start
wearing spring
I don't know if I can top last year!

PS I'm miss my red hair

Lots of pictures ahead!!!

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