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LE FASHION BLOG DAD Multiple Myeloma Stem Cell Transplant

Last night, my father passed away after battling cancer for almost four years.
He's had three close calls, but this time it happened + I am heartbroken.

With the exception of a post I had already prepared for tomorrow, I am going to be taking a short break from blogging to be with my family. I mentioned to someone earlier that blogging has always served as a great distraction, so I will definitely be back at it soon.

In honor of my dad, I urge you to take a moment to consider donating your stem-cells to help cure or even just help prolong the lives of others suffering from cancer + other diseases. While my father's stem cell transplant from a donor did not cure his cancer, it gave him another precious year to be with us + we couldn't be more thankful.

Find out more about donating here.

I miss you dad. I'll love you forever. You will always be our Jamdula bonehead.


Posted by Bethan Holt, Fashion Junior at Large

Today began with a sweet pot of fashion honey at the Alexander McQueen press day. Everything from jewellery to handbags to cute, little shorts straight out of the hive, constructed from wearable clever honeycomb and amber gem bees. It puts a whole new spin on the term "bee keeper". Oh, to be stung by a McQueen bee...

Halloween Shenanigans

















Halloween is kind of weird and spread out here weeks in advance in London,
and most of the time people don't go all out with their costumes, and only accept and covet scary costumes.


Morgan and I got into trouble running around dalston and going to various venues.  I was disguised as a dead time traveler that dies while in traveling back in time, and never made it to the 1980s (the half upper lip is a prediction of a fashionable lipstick style of the future ;).  Morgan has an amazing skeleton and fringe dress with amazing bottom lashed and black lipstick.


Morgan, Pierre and I went to a Halloween event at the V&A were dressed as a wolf and two sheep.
I  also funnily found out that adding a bell with a satin ribbon doesn't make since since cows are the ones with bells! We enjoyed gluten free almond cakes with a perfect french white wine (my dad would be proud of the pairing I must say!) towards the end of the evening

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!


We never celebrated Halloween in a proper way, but this time my boyfriend surprised me with a very sweet evening. I just returned from the city and I found the whole house covered in candle lights and Halloween sweets and pumpkin shaped nuggets and such; with a splash of spooky, yet funny music courtesy of It's so fun! 


 These are very gooey and they taste like bubblegum!



And we have a black cat now! Muahahaaaaaa sss33 

We are listening to howls and creepy violins right now and we are considering watching a scary movie later on. 
 How are you celebrating?


Miss Anna - Les Tuileries - paris

hebergeur imagehebergeur imagehebergeur image

      Miss Anna - Editor for NSMBL Magazine - Les Tuileries - Paris
      Suit by Dagmar
      Top by Pinko
      Cap by Marc Jacobs
      Shoes by Plomo
      Photos by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris

Outfit post - Divenire

It's gotten really, really chilly in Helsinki. Almost all of the trees
lost their leaves and we get occasional snow/ rain every now and then.
Despite the gloomy weather, I've decided to have an easy going morning
with my man downtown.
It was refreshing to find another little and cozy cafe with delicious food,
great tea and coffee menu and variety of smoothies, ice creams and juices.
It's called Fratello and is located at Kluuvi shopping mall, but you can enter it
directly from the street level, across the Helsinki University.
Check it out if you're visiting Helsinki or living here.

Another place I've finally discovered today is Kiehl's store. I have never tried
their products before and I've been interested to try them out, so today I finally
went in their shop and with the help of super sweet girl that worked there, found
perfect products for my skin ( hopefully, gotta see how they work on my skin ).

In the end we went to Organic/ veggie store and on the way there, we've passed
through my favorite city park which looked so pretty that we had to take
couple of outfit photos there :)

Have a nice Wednesday everyone!

I'm wearing: Boots - Steve Madden, Jeans - Diesel, Blazer - Max&Co.,
Coat - Charlie design, Bag - Bianco, Scarf - Alexander McQueen,
Beanie & gloves - Lindex

Miss Aurore - Le Marais - Paris

hebergeur image

     Miss Aurore - Journalist - Le Marais - Paris
     Cap by Ted Baker
     Knot belt by Pieces
     Top Vintage
     Bag by Tsumori Chisato
     Shoes by unknown

     Photo by Fred - Easy Fashion Paris

Week(s) through Instagram 6 ...

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Hello lovely people, it`s time for the Instagram post, you know how i`m addicted to this app!
So shall we start?
1. collages - morning breakfast with Jelena and Milos (snapped by him) ; favorite tee from Bershka; look of the day; beautiful interior of Smokvica; fave bag&boots for this fall; tasteful cake from Smokvica.

2. collages - Elle style awards invitation ( we`re gonna party tonight;)); Belgrade in the morning; look of the day; "he likes me, he likes me not" ; look of the day; grocery shopping.

3. collages - home made cupcakes; morning smile; cute Remake cup for a tee time; irresistible candies; sporty look; girls playground.

4. cake break with Jovana at Bacio

5. collages - Vapiano vespa moment; quick snap before hair&make up; quotes from Zorana`s store; look of the day; early b-day gift; look of the day.

6. favorite photo from the photosoot

7. collages - grocery shopping; at Zorana`s store; yummy chocolate bites; ice cream time; blast from the past (ten years ago); home made rice pudding.

8. collages - my puppy; Amika boxes; from the photoshoot with Marina and Jovana; junk food time; silver shoes from the photoshoot; my make up from the photoshoot.

9. collages - Marina, Jelena , Jelena and I were at Vuk`s 1st b-day and we had so much fun; in the middle of nowhere with my family; my new baby Canon 60d; look of the day.

Don`t forget to follow me! ;)
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