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If sometimes I have to leave quickly without thinking about what staff to put on, I usually choose a dress. During the summer, it's a great idea to put on a dress which bustles with colours, with an expressive print. For contrast, I've chosen turquoise and neon lita shoes, black hat and neon bag. And what do you think about it?

Jeżeli danego dnia muszę szybko wyjść z domu i nie zastanawiać się w co się ubrać, zazwyczaj decyduję się na sukienkę. Na lato dobrym pomysłem jest tętniąca kolorami sukienka z wyraźnym printem. Dla kontrastu, założyłam do niej  turkusowo-neonowe lity, czarny kapelusz i neonową torebkę. I jak Wam się podoba?

Bag: Cubus  Hat: Choiec (link)  Dreass: 6KS (link)

Stylizacja: Multicolor

Outfit post - Through my lenses

Good Monday my dear readers!

Huh, what a week it's been for me!? Insane!
It all started over a week ago when I got "mild" food poisoning
and a wisdom tooth-ache. Ever since then I've been suffering all
sorts of stomach and jaw/ tooth pains. I've been taking antibiotics
and painkillers and all of that made me so sleepy that every day I
went to bed latest by 9pm :O
Evenings are when I'm the most productive and when I get enough time
to take care of some blog/ photography, etc. related tasks that I don't get
to solve during the day, so I've got waaaay behind on everything thanks
to sleeping "too much".

Also, lately I've constantly had this feeling that I just can't keep up with
some things/ plans I've put on my schedule. I feel very overwhelmed
and very often hopeless. Working for yourself and working from home
sometimes can be very confusing and leave you feeling helpless...
Then again, I'm a fighter and after a good cry on my husband's shoulder
I feel ready to cease the day and tackle my problems one by one :)

When it comes to my outfit... Well, not the most fortunate thing happened
when we were about to shoot them. The super expensive/ pro lens just fell
on the ground and got smashed! As it seems, it wasn't attached properly
after I've switched it back on my last photo shoot.
BUT! The day was very nice and sunny and I got to wear one of my favourite
maxi skirts :)

How have you been my dear girls? What do you think of my outfit?

I'm wearing: Sandals - Vagabond, Skirt - Winter Kate, Top - Acne, Bag - Celine,
Sunnies, ring and necklace - HOH1960, Bracelets - JCrew

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A sort of modern flapper

68 4

How is the weekend treating you? Mine is both relaxed and tiring. The fact is that yesterday I walked around quite a bit, took photos, attended a concert (no, not dressed like that!) and went home late in the night. Today is mostly about the same, but instead of concerts, I will watch the UAD Gala and hopefully it will be a blast because tonight, Cluj will hold one of the most important fashion events in the country.
About the dress I am wearing, I went on and devoured my flatmate's wardrobe because again, I wasn't inspired by my own and this particular dress reminded me of the flapper fashion back in the '20s which I quite love. I thought it was a great moment to wear it an feel casual and light.

  68 868 2 68 5 68 3 68 7 68 6

Happy Sunday guys!

Wearing: Zara dress, MiniPrix shoes, random brand bracelets, vintage earrings, Calvin Klein sunglasses

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2331 3 

 Remember this shirt I wore recently in a day when I was in no mood to play dress up? I decided to wear it here with a more feminine approach. And what screams feminine more than a skirt and some jewelry? So, here is how you can wear a oversized men's shirt and make it look sexy and cool! At least that is what I think and yes, I have to admit I felt really really good in it.

  23312331 5 2331 6 2331 4 2331 2 2331 7

Wearing: thrifted skirt and shirt, MiniPrix shoes, no name bag, gifted earrings, Stradivarius necklace, vintage belt.

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Outfit post - Waiting

Can't believe how the time flies by so, SO fast!
It's already Thursday and in less than a week I'll be on my 
Summer holidays - YIHAAAA!! 
My holidays will start by going to London next week where 
I'll have an exciting photo shoot with one beautiful girl, but more 
about that later, so stay tuned for that :) 

I'm still lacking some of the props and clothes for the photo shoot, 
so I have to take care of that today. 

The weather is just not getting any better in Helsinki, so my outfit is 
more suitable for Fall or early Spring, but what can I do? I didn't feel 
like freezing for today's outfit post :D 

I'm now off to run some errands and later today I'll be visiting a friend 
so I better get going in order to accomplish everything I've planned to 
for today. 

Have a great Thursday everyone and take care!

I'm wearing: Ballerinas - Marc By Marc Jacobs, Bag - Mansur Gavriel, 
Jeans, top and cardigan - Zara, Scarf - Burberry, Earrings - Chanel, Ring - HOH1960

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Outfit post - I surrender

Once again, it's already Monday, new working week has
begun and I hope that you're having a great one so far!
We had a pretty long weekend of holidays as Finnish people
have a celebration called Midsummer and that's when 90%
of the country "moves" to their summer cottages with their
families and friends and have a big get together, grill feast and
they burn so called Midsummer fire :)
We didn't this celebration, but instead we went to visit our friends
to have a playdate with kids, indoor picnic and also went to check out the
little fishes in our much loved Sea Life.
One of the things that we did was to go to one of few restaurants that were
open during the weekend and I ended up getting a mild food poisoning.
Yuck! I won't be going back there and it used to be one of my favourite
restaurants before.

However, it's officially Summer now, but Helsinki is still not blessed with
sunny and warm weather. It's been chilly and rainy for over 2 weeks now
and I can't see the end to this weather.
I'm SO looking forward to my summer holidays which will start in about
a week. Beach, sea, sun ---> here I come!!

Here's an outfit in which I almost froze while taking these photos, but I wanted
to show you a summery outfit. What's the point of showing you my layered
outfits since they aren't any attractive or inspiring for summer!?

Have a great day girls!

I'm wearing: Sandals - Tommy Hilfiger, Shorts & necklace - Zara, Coat - Muotikuu,
Top - Filippa K, Bag - Celine, Sunglasses - Sheriff&Cherry, Earrings, ring & cuff - HOH1960

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Casual dress up


 You know what's the best part of taking photos on an almost rainy Sunday afternoon downtown? The fact that there aren't too many people around to bother you! You know those moments when you decide to take photos in open places and afterwards you find a weirdo waving hands in the background of your picture or something similar. But not this time! 
 I decided to take out one of my very silky maxi dresses I was so eager to wear, and because it was a bit chilly I paired with my denim jacket for a more casual look. I could've gone with a cute little blazer too, but I felt the accessories were enough to cover that "elegant" part of the outfit. 
And elegant as we were, we went at our favorite restaurant and ate huge portions of food plus dessert! You can imagine the way we complained about how huge we felt with our stomach over full!

  732 2732 7 732 3 732 1 732 6 732 5 732 4

Wearing: Zara jacket and dress, Stradivarius shoes, gifted earrings, H&M bracelets, vintage bag.

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