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Outfit post - Weekend

Aaaand it happened - I caught the flu too :( Yikes!
However, the weather has been so nice and warm for the
last couple of days that I can't stand to sit inside the house, so
I'm about to get ready and go downtown to do some home decor
shopping and maybe I'll finally find a perfect dress for the reception
evening in August at Agora gallery.

I still have about 2 and half months to find THE dress, so
I'm not in a hurry, but I've been keeping an eye on certain stores
as well as online ones too :D

I'm wishing you all a nice and relaxing weekend. Mine will consist
of just taking it easy, hopefully getting rid of flu and meeting some

I'm wearing: Panst - Isabel Marant, Top - Mango, Jacket - Vintage Levi's,
Bag - Bianco, Sandals - Vagabond, Necklace - HOH1960, Bracelets - Accessorize,
Sunnies - Sherif and Cherry

Salt Lake City

Just a few pictures of our morning in Salt Lake City, Utah. We drove around for a while just exploring and taking pictures of everything. Everything here is so beautiful and green and I love it. The weather has been a little cold for us, with the highs in the 60s, but I'll take that over weather in the 100s any day! And how amazing is this view?? I love the Salt Lake temple in the background. I seriously have not seen a more beautiful building.

Top: Forever 21 // Jeans: Old Navy // Booties: Target // Sunnies: HelloFab // Bag: Theit
I hope you all have a great weekend, and don't forget there are only a few more days to enter this giveaway
 photo NewSiggy_zpscdf6e4bc.png

The yellow party crew























Photos taken by: 

Sarah White, Kayvan Taher Arabi, and random people in the London tube

My outfit details:

Plastic flower hat: 1960s, plastic Lucite flower with individual petals and leaves
 originally a dinner table center piece
Leggings: American apparel yellow cable knit sweater
Shoes: 1990s Liz Claiborne
Purse: 1960s leather red and green purse
Socks: Mint green and cream stripes Primark

Kayvan's outfit details:

Shirt:  1960s floral yellow and black rayon button up shirt
Trousers: 1970s floral yellow rose double knit flares with creases
Socks: Primark

Colors with golden accents


 Color block once again! I missed wearing so much color, just plain color, no prints and such, aaaaand golden accessories! just to shine some more (I wish I had more bracelets though) The necklace is new to my collection, I received it from my lovely colleagues along with a pair of cute earrings, but I will show them another time.
The weather was not all that hot to be wearing sandals and tank tops but I got too excited and I wish for Summer! In a modest way though..not with the scorching heat. 
It's Friday, which means it's time to get ready for a party!
 Happy weekend guys!

  bmo3bmo4 bmo7 bmo2 bmo6 bmo1 

 Wearing: Zara old top, vintage skirt, sunglasses and belt, sandals, Oasap bag, gifted necklace, H&M bracelets


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