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Making use of the spring weather, I've decided to put on the sky-blue Hard Rock Café t-shirt, combined with the leather skirt and black high heels. I made the outfit vivid, adding the orange belt and earrings, and the multicoloured clutch. The whole outfit is comfortable and good both for every-day and for some special occasions. And what do you think of it? Do you like such combinations?

Korzystając z wiosennej pogody, zdecydowałam się na błękitny t-shirt Hard Rock Cafe, połączony z skórzaną spódnicą oraz czarnymi szpilkami. Zestaw ożywiłam pomarańczowym paskiem, kolczykami oraz wielokolorową kopertówką. Cały zestaw jest wygodny i sprawdza się zarówno na co dzień jak i na wyjśćia. A Wy co o nim myślicie? Lubicie takie połączania?

Zobacz stylizację w -

Bag: Aldo
Heels: Kazar
Skirt: Art Fashion
Top: Hard Rock Couture

My life lately via Instagram

Good Sunday morning everyone!!
We had the time/ clock change early this morning and that
always messes me up a little bit, but since we are now counting
one hour ahead is much better for me than counting one hour less
during the Winter time. I can't wait that the daylight gets even longer
because in Helsinki, the closer it goes to Summer, the day seems to last
forever and I love it!

Anyhow, I'm soon off downtown for a coffee and small grocery shopping
and the rest of the day I have reserved for boring house cleaning and prepping
everything for the new working week.

Enjoy your Sunday girls (and boys if there're any :) !!

                                               INSTAGRAM                      FACEBOOK

                                                my outfit couple of days ago

police on the horses, not an everyday sight :)

enjoying my breakfast at favourite 
Kuppi ja Muffini cafe

rainy and melancholic day in my city

things that make me happy

on the way back from our trip to Stockholm 
with my favourite girls

another breakfast, this one at La Torefazzione

pretty little corner in my bedroom

orange colour was a good choice to brighten up 
my outfits

Laduree treats which I brought home 
from Stockholm

I'm longing for couple of new LV bags, 
the most favourite one right now is 
the 1st one from the left in the 2nd row

What I eat almost every day - salads

All pink for Saturday afternoon

Absolutely agree with this quote!

Outfit post - Double trouble

Good Friday morning!!

I'm quickly eating my breakfast while writing this
post as I have lots of errands to run this morning, but I
wanted to put up a new outfit post. This post is a different than
others because yesterday we finally had an amazingly sunny and
warm day so I was able to wear !only! my leather jacket! No coat!!
Also, my sister joined this post with her outfit and made my day
by posing for the blog :)

I have nothing special planned for the weekend, just some regular
things like going for walk, coffee, pizza evening and spending time
with dear people.
Next weekend I have another photo shoot, so I'll just take it easy
for the next two days.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Have a great and sunny Friday everyone!!

I'm wearing: Boots - Steve Madden, Pants - See by Chloe, Jacket - Zara,
Bag - Zara, Sunglasses - Sherif&Cherry, Scarf - Kenzo, Blouse - Samuji,
Sweater - COS, Bracelet - Balenciaga

My sister is wearing: Boots - Steve Madden, Jeans - Diesel, Trench - Zara,
Boots - H&M, Bag - Lancel, Bracelet - Balenciaga

Outfit post - Neon lights

Well, hello there Wednesday! Time is flying so fast, yet 
at times it feels as if it's still moving SO slow... I've been 
daydreaming about the future and preparing for it. I have lots 
of news coming for you, but I'll share them with you in the 
time when things are about to happen but the one I can share with 
you is the date of my exhibition and that's on 26th of April in Helsinki, 
so if you're in Helsinki then or any time until end of May, you can see my
art works at Galleria 4-kuus on Uudemankatu 4-6. 

I have only few things to take care of today, so it will be mostly a 
relaxing/ cleaning day. 

I'm off now for an early morning coffee with my sister which is always 
a perfect way to start any day :) 

Lots of love to everybody!

I'm wearing: Bag & bracelet - Balenciaga, Shoes - Calvin Klein, Coat - Zara, 
Necklace - HOH1960, Top - Esprit, Jeans - Diesel

Maybe Pink

        A black and white striped piece of clothing – that's something I've had on my brain for quite a long time! I thought about both skirt and shirt but every time, for an unknown reason, I wasn't convinced of the pattern. Finally, I chose a black and white striped roll-neck, which I combined with a plain skirt and jewellery in the colour of fuchsia. Plus neutral heels and my favourite bag:-) I really like the motif of white and black stripes and you'll perhaps find it here, on the blog, many times. 
          And which striped piece of clothing do you like to wear?

     Od jakiegoś czasu chodził za mną element garderoby w biało czarne paski. Rozpatrywałam zarówno spódnicę jak i bluzkę, ale za każdym razem z niewiadomego powodu, nie miałam ostatecznie przekonania do tego wzoru. W końcu padło na golf w biało-czarne paski, który zestawiłam z gładką spódnicą i biżuterią w kolorze fukscji. Do tego neutralne szpileczki i moja ukochana torebka:-) Bardzo spodobał mi się motyw czarno-białych pasków  i zapewne będzie jeszcze nie raz gościł na moim blogu. 
          A Wy jaką część garderoby wybieracie w paski?

Maybe pink -
Heels: Zara
Golft: Atmosphere
Skirt: Art Fashion
Bag: Christian Dior

Alice photo shoot

Good morning everyone!!
I woke up very energised today since I've managed to sleep for
10 hours straight and that's a HUGE success for me, esp. after a
week of sleepless nights and fighting with cold...

I'm still a little bit sick, but I'm back to blogging and also back
to taking care of my work, since I still have 3 photo shoots to
organise and shoot as well as get everything covered for the exhibition
opening which is in a month from now!

Anyway, here're ready photos from the photo shoot of 4 days ago.
I'm so happy with how they turned out. Do you like them? :)

Check more of my works HERE

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