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SYNERGEN Compact Powder

I've been looking for a good powder at an affordable price and found a positive review of the Maybelline AFFINITONE pressed powder. I felt tempted and bought it but after the first use I knew that it was not the thing I was looking for. It finishes the make up very badly and causes the mask effect. I definitely don't recommend it.

After a few days, while doing some shopping (probably in Rossman), I found the SYNERGEN Compact pressed powder. I was interested in its antibacterial activity. Summer spent in the city is not something our skin likes. I checked the price – 8,5 zł. Well, I can try, why not, it's worth less than a cup of good coffee :-) After the first use I was really satisfied. It finished the make-up very nicely and naturally and makes our skin mat without the mask-effect. After a few days one appreciates its antibacterial activity, too. It's a cosmetic I can fully recommend :-)

Ostatnio szukałam dobrego pudru w przystępnej cenie. Na jakimś blogu znalazłam pozytywną recenzję prasowanego pudru Maybelline AFFINITONE. Skusiłam się i kupiłam, ale po pierwszym użyciu wiedziałam, że to nie jest to czego szukałam. Bardzo nieładnie wykańcza makijaż tworząc efekt maski. Stanowczo go nie polecam. 

Za kilka dni robiąc zakupu chyba w Rossmanie, natrafiłam na puder prasowany SYNERGEN Compact Powder. Zainteresowało mnie jego antybakteryjne działanie. Lato w mieście nie jest najlepszym okresem dla naszej cery. Spojrzałam na cenę 8,5 zł. A spróbuje co mi szkodzi, kosztuje mniej niż dobra kawa :-) Po pierwszej aplikacji byłam bardzo zadowolona. Bardzo fajnie i naturalnie wykańcza makijaż. Daje efekt pięknie zmatowionej cery bez efektu maski. Po kilku dniach doceniamy też działanie antybakteryjne. Jest to kosmetyk który naprawdę polecam :-)

One step outside the city

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 I am tired of the city. I really need an escapade somewhere in the middle of nature, to see the woods, smell fresh air, feel the cool breeze of the mountain, gather flowers and berries to my own heart's content. I have to make this possible soon or I will go nuts, I am sure most of you felt this at a certain point in your life. As much as I am a city girl, I just need to disconnect from time to time.
Finding this little abandoned corner of nature about three minutes from where I live in Cluj, near the edge of the city, made me think more about the idea of an escapade; this idea was strongly endorsed by the beautiful landscapes I saw when I travelled back in my hometown and smelled the green air of nature while the wind was strongly blowing through my hair.

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I will end this article in a peaceful manner, just as I so much desire, with a song that is obsessing my mind right now:

Wearing: Zara pants, Primark thrifted bag, BeYou shirt, Meli Melo necklace

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Outfit post - Hot in the city

Woah! It's been really hot in Helsinki lately! I can't
believe that we've been blessed with such an amazing weather :)
I've been just staying outside as much as possible. I mean, who could
stay inside after a long and dark Winter? I was SO waiting for the
Summer so I'm now embracing it fully :)

Usually, throughout a year I find myself being "stuck" in my skinny jeans
and no matter how many times I swear to myself that I'll be more feminine
and get my dresses/ skirts out, it's just so damn cold that jeans are the only
thing I reach for in the closet.
I don't even have to mention how happy I've been to wear all of my nice
Summer dresses, skirts, flow-y pants/ overalls when going out to run my
errands, meet with friends, just walk around the city.

I hope that this kind of weather will stay for at least 2 more weeks as I have
a short road trip planned for the next weekend and until then, I want to just
soak up the sun rays, eat tons of ice cream and just be happy :)

Have a fabulous Thursday everybody!

I'm wearing: Shoes - Vagabond, Dress - Zara, Belt - &otherstories,
Earrings and bracelets - JCrew, Bag - Celine

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Outfit post - Grecian lover

Good Tuesday morning everybody!
I got up very early this morning to take my brother to
the airport. I'm so sad that he had to leave back home, I had
such a wonderful 10 days with him here in Helsinki, showing
him around the city and going places, just having a quality
brother - sister time. Hopefully, he'll visit me again for Christmas
so we can catch up some more and make some new memories :)

I have a meeting with my PR soon, so I'll jump in the shower and
get ready for that, but before I do that, I want to share an outfit
with you which is very dear to me and I feel like "me" in it.
Ever since I saw this dress at Shopbop earlier this Summer I knew
I needed to order it. This dress screams "Natali" :)

Like I've already mentioned in my previous posts, we've been having
an amazing weather in past 10 days, so I got to wear a lot of my summertime
clothes which I was patiently waiting to capture with my camera and
show them in my blog, so stay tuned for more outfit posts like this one!

Have a great day girls and boys!

I'm wearing: Dress, cuff and ring - Hoh1960, Sunglasses - Chanel, Bag - Celine,
Shoes - Tommy Hilfiger, Earrings - Asos

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Summer in the city

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 Seems lately I can't get enough of dresses, especially colorful ones, and why should I since it's Summer and so hot that I can't stand wearing anything else. I like to feel as comfortable as possible during this season and I also like to wear the right dosage of color - which means all of them at once! 
So, this was me, a lovely rainbow on a Saturday afternoon, walking around the city with no concern whatsoever. It's not always I feel as carefree as nowadays. 

 Happy Sunday guys! 

 Wearing: Zara dress, shoes from HERE, H&M bracelets, vintage earrings, The Bag Shop bag. 


Outfit post - Kimonotizing

I didn't even turn around and BAM! it's already a weekend
and it's been a week since I've returned from my holidays.
Well, they have kinda continued here in Helsinki too because the
weather is absolutely amazing and my brother is here so we've been
doing a lot of sightseeing and restaurant "testing", not to even mention
the amount of ice cream and sweets we've indulged in :)
Yep, it's still holidays for me!

We have a nice plan of what we'll do today so I better start getting
ready and all that as we want to get the maximum out of every day.

Here's an outfit which I wore 2-3 days ago and this kimono was an
extra garment since it was so hot that I didn't get any use of it, but
I wanted to present it to you. I've always been into kimonos and esp.
during the Summer, they're so light and easy to just "throw over"
a simple outfit and make it look very boho and stylish :)
How do you like this outfit? If you like this kimono or want to find
some other kind of (similar) kimono then check it out HERE

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!

I'm wearing: Bag - Chanel, Kimono & earrings - Choies, Sandals - Vagabond,
Sunglasses - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shorts - Zara, Top - JCrew

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Colorful rainy days

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 This unpredictable Summer weather leaves me confused. Regardless of how chilly it can be, I definitely refuse to wear a second layer of clothing or take a umbrella with me, just in case. No, no, why do that when you can shelter yourself under a huge umbrella at a terrace and also enjoy a calory bomb frappe while looking at people who ran through the pourring rain? 
That is what I did, well, the day was quite sunny and I went with a friend at this little lovely place called Bistro Viena for a chat and that is when the rain started and I just thought: "Man.. my lovely plan of shooting photos is ruined". However, the rain stopped and everything went back to normal since now I am sitting in my home slowly melting from the heat. 
I managed to finally wear my colorful maxi dress without stepping into puddles and turning it into mud. Congratulations are in order I think.

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Wearing: Villa dress (from an outlet store) Stradivarius bracelet, borrowed bag, no name earrings, H&M rings

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