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Nassim - Le Marais - Paris

Nassim 26 - Glass Prompter/Surfer

I wear mainly surfer brands as BILLABONG, QUICKSILVER, CANABEACH ...
Je porte des marques de surfer comme BILLABONG, QICKSILVER, KANABEACH ...
As I am surfing in Biarritz/ Comme je surfe à Biarritz.
Fashion is a way to expression. pour moi, la mode est un moyen d'expression.
My look is a part of me. Mon look est une part de moi.
Last Book: I like Amelie Nothomb.

Amanda - Le Marais - Paris

Amanda 21- Parson School Design Student - NYC

Shorts: Vintage
Shoes: No Name
Shirt: ?
Glasses: RAYBAN Wayfarers
Perfume: "Blue" by RALPH LAUREN
Last book: "The Virgin Suicid"
For me Fashion is expression.
My look is me.

Pierre & Marie-Davia / Le Marais - Paris

Marie-Davia 18 - Student at Sorbonne University

Jeans: GUESS
Sneakers: BENSIMON
Perfume: "The One" by DOLCE GABANA & "Envy Me" by GUCCI.
Last book: "Nous sommes cruels" by Camille de Peretti.
For me Fashion changes all the time ...
Today, my look is confortable-casual.

Pierre 19 - Business School student

Sweater: ZARA
Pants: Basic
Sneakers: PAUL SMITH
Bag(shouldr): PAUL SMITH
Perfume: ABERCROMBIE & "l'Homme" by YSL
Last book: "We are cruel" by Camille de Peretti.
For me Fashion is a personal choice.
Today, my look is confortable-casual

Macadam Cow-Boys in Paris - Le Marais

Strange Rodeo in Le Marais with these American Cow-Boys
Une brochette de Cow-Boys dans le Marais, étrange ...
The weather is rainy in Paris and I am busy.
I hope to make some portraits tomorrow. Sorry for that ...

Eleonora (Italy) - Le Marais - Paris

Eleonora 25 (from Rimini - Italy)

Bag/sac: MOSQUINO.
Legging: no brand
Shoes: ASH (Italy)
Sunnies/Lunettes: RAYBAN Wayfarers (original 80's from her father)
Perfume/Parfum: "Paris" by Yves St-Laurent, "Amour" by Cacharel, Abercrombie.
Last book: "Post-Punk"
"Fashion is very important for me. My look today is lazy (just to walk)"

Eloïse & Marc-Antoine - Les Halles - Paris

Eloïse 20 - Looking for a job

Boots/Bottes: DEMONIA (Black norm shop)
Clothes: no particular brands

jewels/Bijoux:" Je Veux les mêmes" & Darkland shop
Slides/Barettes: japanese & self-made (pills)
Perfume/Parfum: "Elle" by Yves St-Laurent
Last book: "Le démon des morts" by Graham Masterton
"Fashion is my universe. My look is Cyber-Kawaï."

Marc-Antoine 17 - Artist

Shoes/Chaussures: CREEPERS self-customised
Pants: H&M
Jacket/veste: Darkland shop
Scarf/Echarpe: Cashmer from my Grand-Mother
Bag/sac: QUICKSILVER selfcostumised.
Hair/Cheveux: Cyberlocks.
Perfume/Parfum: "Equipage" by Hermès on the chest. "Roses Garden" by Artisan Parfumeur on the hands.
Last book: "Faust" by Goethe.

"Fashion is my Kingdom.
My look is Barock & Roll"

Yohann & Antoine - Beaubourg - Paris

Yohann 19
& Antoine 18

Our brands for clothes:
Our look is like US 80's

Perfume: HUGO BOSS (Y) "Monsieur" by JP GAULTIER (A)
Last Book: "W ou le souvenir d'enfance" by Georges Perec (Y) "99frs" by F. Beigbeder (A)

Manon - Le Marais - Paris

Manon 22 - History of Art student

Shoes/Chaussures: from Italy
Glasses/Lunettes: second 1€ from AFFLELOU
Perfume: Jungle by KENZO
Last Book: "L'assommoir" by E.Zola
For me Fashion is an Art of living.
Today my look is for an employment talk
La Mode est un art de vivre. Mon look est pour un entretien d'embauche.

Floriane & Nina - Le Marais - Paris

Floriane 19 - Actress

All: GAP
Sneakers: GOLA
Perfume: none
Last Book: Cioran
My look is classic. Fashion is not important for me.
Mon look est classique. La Mode n'est pas très importante pour moi.

Nina 23 - Actress

Bottom/Haut: H&m
Pants/Pantalon: BERSHKA
Sneakers/Baskets: CONVERSE
Cap/Casquette: Vintage
Perfume: "Incanto" by FERRAGAMO
Last Book: Freud
Fashion is what fits to me. My look is unisex.
La Mode, c'est ce qui me va. Mon look est unisex.

Agathe & Martin - Le Marais - Paris

Agathe 31 - Sociology student
Fashion ? My cupboard is full ...
My look is daily-simple.
My perfume is "Jicky" by GUERLAIN.
Last book: "Au delà de cette limite, votre ticket n'est plus valable" by Romain Gary.

Martin 26 - History student
Fashion means nothing to me
My look is spontaneus
My perfume is DIOR pour homme.
Last book: "Les bienveillantes" by Jonathan Littell

Charo & Bruno - Les Halles - Paris

Charo 23 - Business Management student

Shirt: From Guadeloupe
Skirt/Jupe: From Bordeaux
Shoes/Chaussures: ZARA
For me fashion is to show you get Style.
My look is cool.
Pour moi, la Mode, c'est montrer qu'on a du Style.
Mon look est très bien !
Perfume/Parfum: "Light Blue" by DOLCE GABANA.
Book/Livre: "Sulfuric Acid" by Amélie Nothomb

Bruno 22 - Computer ingeneer student

T-Shirt: BAPE
Jeans: EVISU
Sneakers: NIKE Air-Force
Sunnies/Lunettes: RAYBAN
Perfume/Parfum: Lolita Lempicka "Au Masculin"
Book/Livre: "Le Code Noir" (about slavery for Black People)
Fashion is to manage to do with you personality.
My look is Hip-Hop New School.

Kevin 21 & Mathilda 17 - Le Marais - Paris

Mathilda - HighSchool
T-Shirt: AMERICAN APPAREL ( Kevin's)
Shoes/Chaussures: ZARA
Bag&Shades/Sac&Lunettes: Vintage.
Fashion is not a question for me.
La Mode ? je ne me pose pas la question.

Kevin 21 - Fine Arts Student (At this time, working in a gelatti shop)
Fashion is a very personnal thing like to be unique.
My look is rather standard. My favorite brands are: APC, AMERICAN APPAREL, YOJI YAMAMOTO.
La Mode, c'est quelque chose de très personnel. Mon look est plutôt standard.

Sarah & Simon - Le Marais - Paris

Sarah 31 - Manager of JB Rautureau Shop (great shoes for men) - Rue du Bourg-Tibourg
Fashion, it 's shoes ! My favorite brand is FREE-LANCE
La Mode, c'est les chaussures. Ma marque, FREE-LANCE.
My look is a working look. Mon look est un Look-Travail.

Simon 31 - Manager of Chocolate shop - Rue du Bourg-Tibourg
For me Fashion is Half Sportswear, half Classy.
My look is casual.
La Mode, c'est moitié Sportswear, moitié Classe
Mon look est décontract.

Marta 23 & Ed 19 - Le Marais/Paris

Marta - Fashion Student
Shirt: H&M
Bag/Sac: ZARA
Boots/Bottes: MANGO
Hat/Chapeau: Trilby from London
Bracelet: H&M
Perfume/Parfum: STELLA McCARTNEY
Book/Livre: "Much Obliged, Jeeves" by PG Wockhouse
For Me Fashion is almost all. La Mode, pour moi, c'est presque tout ...
My look is R&Roll. Mon look est R&Roll.

Ed - Model/Barman
Shoes/Chaussures: Office London Brook
Jeans: APRIL 77
T-Shirt: GAP
The world of Fashion is full of crazy people. Le Monde de la Mode est plein de gens fous.
My look is fresh. Mon look est fresh.

Aï 22 - Make-up Artist Student - Le Marais/Paris

Bolero: TRIPTYCK (Japan)
T-Shirt: MANGO
Bag: From Japan
Pants: ZARA
Shoes/Chaussures: MARC JACOBS
Perfume: Daisy by MARC JACOBS
Book/livre: 99frs F.Beigbeder
I love Fashion. J'adore la Mode.
My look is classical with a touch original.
Mon look est classique, avec une touche d'originalité.
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