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Photos from my 3rd solo exhibition opening night

Hello dear readers!
How are you doing? I'm just enjoying the morning with my
breakfast and cup of tea in bed while checking my never ending
emails and trying to catch up with blogging.
I've been travelling yesterday and just spending time with my mom
and brothers at their place in Croatia.
After all of the hard work and crazy business since the beginning of
this year, I needed a small get-away and time off.
I'm already back in Helsinki in 3 days, but I'll use my "relax" time
wisely while here :)

I would like to share the photos from my exhibition opening with you.
It was such a magical day for me and I'm still in such a great mood
ever since the opening.
Lots of friends, family and invited visitors came to celebrate with me
and I was happy to offer them catered sandwiches and cupcakes from my favourite
cafe in the city KUPPI JA MUFFINI, as well as Spritz Aperol drinks mixed
by one of the best baristas in the country.

Let me know how you liked the photos and my beautiful Balenciaga dress
which I wore for the opening?! I felt like a princess wearing it :)
I got it from my favourite store LUXBAG, a MUST shopping spot when in Helsinki.

On my feet I wore Chanel ballerinas and jewellery was all by House of Harlow 1960.

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Outfit post - Daydreaming in Helsinki

Beautiful, sunny and happy Monday to all of you
my dear readers!
Weather in Helsinki has been heavenly for quite some
time now! I've been on a positive high because of so much
natural D vitamin :D
Every single day has been so precious and I've been spending
them mostly outdoors. Oh, what a fantastic change after a long,
weird and "dirty" Winter!?

How was your weekend? Mine was a pure bliss!!
I had my 3rd solo exhibition opening at a gallery Galleria 4-kuus
and it was magical. I had my family, friends and invited visitors
all in one place, supporting my dream and celebrating such an important
day for me :)

I couldn't be more grateful for everything and can't wait to hear
all of the opinions from people who will visit the gallery throughout
May since the exhibition is now open to public until 23rd of May, so
please, if you visit or are living in Helsinki and love art, do stop by to
check out my works :)

The night ended at private after party with friends and we had SO much fun!
Can't remember when was the last time that I've laughed so much and had
a great night out like that one.

Photos from the exhibition opening and similar will be on my FaceBook soon
and in the next blog post, so stay tuned :)

I'm wearing: Espadrillas - Chanel, Blouse - Winter Kate, Sunnies - Celine,
Jacket & jeans - Zara, Bag - Celine, Ring & earrings - House of Harlow 1960

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The Name Necklace


 I am sure most of you who watched "Sex and the City" know about the "Carrie necklace", the cute, delicate golden necklace she was so attached to. Ever since then, I always wanted a necklace with my name to wear it proudly, it would made me feel somehow unique, even though I am sure I share my name with others out there; but you don't see many wear necklaces like these the way you see Zara or H&M hanging around one's neck.
The lovely people over at One Necklace contacted me and were kind enough to send me such a necklace. I got this model, because ornaments are my thing, I got to choose the length and the type of chain also. I didn't choose my real name because I rarely use it and I thought Lola was a great choice because it's simple and I always sign my emails with it.
You can imagine my joy when I received it (quite fast acutally) and I opened the beautiful box it came in. Now I can scratch another item from my long whishlist, hooray!

  _on7 3_on7 6 _on7 5 _on7 4 _on7 7 _on7 2

Also, you lovely readers can get a 10% discount on their website by using this coupon code: wonderfashion
Happy shopping!

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Pastel song

This is one of my favourite outfits. I've been dreaming about combining different shades of pink with cream for some time. I've chosen pieces of clothing in the same tone: the hat in the colour of powder, fuchsia skinny jeans and the clutch, which combines the outfit with beige poncho and flesh-coloured heels. The style of the coat and the hat make my outfit really romantic! And how do you like it? Do you like such outfits and hats?

To jest jeden z moich ulubionych zestawów. Od dawna marzyło mi się połączenie różnych odcieni różu z kremem. W jednym akordzie znajduje się pudrowy kapelusz, fuksjowe rurki oraz kopertówka, która łączy zestaw z beżowym ponczo i cielistymi szpilkami. Linia płaszcza w połączeniu z pudrowym kapeluszem czynią ten zestaw bardzo romantycznym. A Wam jak się podoba? Lubicie takie zestawy i nosić kapelusze?

Pastel song

Heels: Zara
Jeans: H&M
Coat: Oasap
Clutche: Yves Saint Laurent

Casual, but not ordinary

_14 4

No heels, no fancy dress, no elegant tiny purse. But it's a short dress and I have bold colors and a casual statement necklace. As long as you have at least one great accessory, it completely takes your outfit out of the ordinary. 
You ladies know I am right. 
We sometimes say that we take a break from heels and wear flats instead, well, let me tell you that I am craving for anything else now, except those flat shoes that almost killed my feet. They were too tight. And of course when you first try them on and walk a few steps in the store, they feel perfectly fine. Yeah.. not these. Luckily I have other pairs I get along with very well. Sometimes I am lucky, sometimes I am not. That goes for every type of shoe out there, my feet are strange. 
And I am wearing a Zara necklace paired with a random dress found long ago in a thrift shop. Who says they don't match and who says you should wear brands from head to toe? I find that really ridiculous, for sure.

  _14 2_14 6 _14 3 _14 _14 5 

Wearing: thrifted dress, bag and belt, no name shoes and sunglasses, Zara necklace, Only T shirt

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Outfit post - Sheer blocks

Good Friday afternoon beautiful girls!
Are you excited about the weekend? I sure am! My exhibition,
finally opens tomorrow evening and I can barely keep myself
calm. I've been comforting myself with food :P and walking
outside on the sunshine.

I will take lots of photos from the exhibition opening and will
share them with you as soon as I get a moment to do that.
I'm def. planning to party hard after the exhibition, I really need to
relax and celebrate with my friends :)

So if hungover allows me, I'll post all about how it went on Sunday.

Here's an outfit which I wore back on Monday while visiting
Sea Life with my family. It was a bit chilly morning, but later on
the weather got so lovely and warm that I didn't needed coat and
scarf anymore.

Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend!

I'm wearing: Sneakers - New Balance, Bag - Balenciaga, Jeans - Mango,
Top - COS, Cardigan - Diesel, Coat - By Malene Birger, Scarf - Kenzo,
Necklace - Tory Burch, Sunnies - Celine

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ENG: I was delighted to take part in the Fashion Brunch organized by the brand Solano. Not only did I see the glasses from the new collection during the event, but I also learned about the glasses' history and the Solano's philosophy. It was a really nice event, with a really spring atmosphere :-) See it for yourself...

PL: W ostatnią sobotę miałam przyjemność brać udział w Fashion Brunch z marką Solano. Podczas tej imprezy nie tylko zobaczyłam okulary z najnowszej kolekcji , ale również poznałam historię okularów i filozofię marki Solano.  Było bardzo miło w iście wiosennym klimacie :-) zobaczcie sami......

Solano -

Jacket: Reserved
Shoes: Zara
Skirt: H&M
Bag: Furla

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