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Silvie Koang My March favourites Monday, April 7, 2014 Hello my dear readers! How was your weekend? Mine flew by in a second and I did everything I could to have it as easy as possible, since I h... 5

My March favourites

Hello my dear readers!
How was your weekend? Mine flew by in a second and I did everything
I could to have it as easy as possible, since I have a crazy busy working
week ahead.

Today is such a rainy, cloudy and I feel completely unmotivated.
Since it's bad weather and taking outfit photos is not an option for
today, I've opted to write about my March favourites.
I'm bit late, but I still wanted to put this kind of easy going post and
also share my opinion with you on certain products that you might
be interested in too :)

Here we go:


-Coconut body milk
-Coconut body butter
-Coconut body fragrance

I got all of these on my trip to Stockholm last month at their Ahlens mall.
I love Laura Mercier cosmetics! I'm all about her primer and I couldn't wait
to try these body products too. I love anything with coconut, it's my favourite
scent/ smell ever, but I'm also very picky on how coconut products should smell
and so far only Victoria's Secret products and now I can say Laura Mercier's products
satisfy my likings :) The body milk which I use in the shower is the most luxurious
thing ever! Not just that it leaves gorgeous scent on my skin, but it also leaves a nice
silky feeling on it too. I couldn't praise more these products, they're so worth the money.


-Black vanilla diffuser sticks
-Pure gardenia diffuser sticks

We don't have Zara Home in Helsinki but luckily I could pick these
on Stockholm trip as well. I fell in love with Zara Home Black vanilla home
fragrance over a year ago when I first bought it on my trip in Moscow.
It's seriously the most nicest home fragrance ever! That vanilla is just divine!

I still have to test Gardenia, but from smelling it at the store, I thought that it
will give a nice and fresh scent to my home in the Summer.


-Tea rose

I'm the biggest tea drinker ever! I literally drink litres of tea every day.
My favourite ones are green flavoured teas from Pukka or Yogi tea brands,
but I couldn't pass on getting the rose tea from my favourite place - Laduree.
I'm not drinking much of this tea, because I don't want to use it too fast since
I'm not sure when I'll get to visit Laduree next time.


-Moisture prep

I got this from Sephora store in Stockholm and I got it because
it was a highly spoken of product. I wanted to try it out to see
what's the deal and so far I like it a lot. It's not in the same range as
some of the products that I'm using from for instance La Mer or
Estee Lauder, but it does great job for not many bucks.


-Scalp treatment

This little spray is a miracle! I have already used up one little bottle
like this one before and I couldn't wait to start using it again.
If you have problems with your scalp like I do, either if it's dandruff
or you have tension feeling or if your hair is just not growing as fast as
you think it should, this spray is the easiest way to heal your scalp and
it actually does work what it says it will.


Scented candles for home... I don't have to say much, just
that together with Dyptique, these are my favourites :)

YSL nailpolish

-Beige Leger is the shade and I'm completely obsessed with it.
It's perfect colour for me right now and I would recommend it to
every girl that doesn't want to put too girly and then again not to
"serious" nail polish on when out and about, running your errands and similar :)


-Hydrating lip balm
Great product, in great shade (Plum punch) which leaves a nice and hydrating
feeling on your lips. I love it! It also reminds me of similar product from Clarins,
but I like this one better as it's not as heavy as Clarins one.

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