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je t'aime


boots: nicholas kirkwood for rodarte ,, BALENCIAGA!

sorry guys i read the info for the 'opposite page' in harper's bazaar ;/

Arggghhh !

I was trying new templates for Easy Fashion and I lost all my links !
Please send me a link to recover my blogroll ... Gasp ... I'm gonna fix that.
Thanks !

Stewart - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

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I work as a Window Dresser.
I wear a top by ZARA.
Shorts by H&M.
Scarfs mostly from H&M.
Cap (H.M.S. Neptune) from E-Bay.
Shoes by ZARA.
Bracelets from TOPSHOP.
Watch by Ted BAKKER.
Sunnies from BERSHKA
Perfume: Thierry MUGLER.
Fashion is a lot about expressing how you feel. It speaks about who you are.
The people get an impression of you, before they meet you.
My look is nautical inspiration. It's quite fuzzy over the top. Some would say dramatic.
It's not easy to wear. A lot people stare at me. I don't know if it's a nice stare or not ...
I love any creativ form of art. I draw and paint a lot, I like people who express themselves.
I find very difficult to deal with people who are not openminded, people who judge a lot.
My message to the world: People could be more tolerant.
People should be more free to be what they want to be.
No matter, judgments are made of them ...

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Amélie - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

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I work as a Stylist in Hip-Hop- Street Wear Fashion.
I wear a T-Shirt by HYPE MEANS NOTHING.
Pants by H&M.
Belt vintage 80's from my mother.
Shoes by NEW-LOOK.
Watch by LEGO.
I sleep, I think, I live Fashion.
My look is a mix of Hip-Hop-80's.
I love Cheese Cake. I hate night clubs.
My message to the world: Stay cool & Smile !

Alex & Cyrielle - Rue Tiquetonne - Paris

I work as Marketing Assistant in Fashion brands
I wear a T-Shirt by H&M.
Shorts by ZARA.
I found my shoes in Le Marais.
Perfume: "Chance" by CHANEL.
Fashion is a game. My look is Sport-Cool
I love food (I eat yogurts in the night).
I hate lies.
My message to the world: Give work to those who are looking for a job.

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I work as a Model and Actor.
I wear a T-Shirt by AA.
Bracelets from Morocco.
Belt by YUUBI.
Perfume: Armanimania.
I am in Fashion. My look is Urban-Simple.
I love married women. I don't like boring girls.
My message to the world: Keep the best, fuck the rest.

New etsy vintage and Cruella de vil

On each listing
I put a picture
of what each item
reminds me of

sshot-732 by you.
Here are the pictures
Find out which items the belong to

Vintage miniature gathered polkadot box pleat Lanvin Blue 1970 dress1960 yellow suede shoes low heels white buckle sling back 9 10Nylon blue blouse top 1940 1950L  embroidered  flower blouse1980 does 1930 1940 1950 19601930 pink rabbit print dress peter pan collar1980 silk floral puffy sleeve peplum jacket s1930 yellow dress with spiral buttons and peplum1950 rockabilly dance voile tule dress prom first date

So I can go out and search for more supplies to make designs for the store and find rare vintage find for everyone
I am giving my readers this advantage only

enter green leaves
in a covo on etsy
before you purchase
and also mention whether
you would like
free shipping
or a free accessory
created by me
The accessory will follow the theme of the item purchased

If items are sold
more items will go up
as will more funny picture themes!!

Outfit time

Cruella de vil
Dress is from this AMAZING!! etsy shop
ermine vintage
(go to their shop you will want everything!!!)
and 101 60's dalmatian shoes that Ive had for quite some time
tank top underneath I got from a an independent designer in Toulouse, France

IMG_4774 by you.
IMG_4773 by you.IMG_4764 by you.IMG_4771 by you.IMG_4763 by you.

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