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Kelly Green

Top: c/o C.C. Lake // Blazer: J. Crew [ON SALE!] // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: Target // Bag: Tory Burch // Bracelet: ILY Couture [seriously wear this every day!!]

Happy Halloween! What are you all dressing up as? H and I still aren't completely sure, but we have a party that we are going to tonight, so I guess we have to think of something, right? ;] I will be sure to post some pictures tomorrow of the costumes we decide on!

As you all know, I am loving this kelly green blazer right now! I seriously can't stop wearing it. And this shirt from C.C. Lake? To die for! Make sure you check out their site for more fab finds!

Have a wonderful and safe day/night!

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FAD Profile: Stylist Katherine Lande

One of the most creatively challenging parts of fashion is styling. Creating new looks again and again, for varying circumstances requires an unlimited supply of vision. Meet Katherine Lande. Katherine works as Fashion Editor for Palm Beach Illustrated and on assignment as a stylist and consultant for many projects with her company KL Style Inc. She was also the photo stylist for Rizzoli's Palm Beach Entertaining, with all proceeds benefitting the Children's Home Society. Katherine took time to respond to some questions about the heart of fashion styling.

Palm Beach Illustrated

How did you become a stylist?
In a strange sense I think one is born with a sense of style. Yes, certain things can be taught and learned, and certain elements of it are picked up along the way, but I truly feel like either one has the eye for it or they don't. With that, I got lucky to be in the right place at the right time, and worked very, very hard. I also believe having the outlook that styling is a practice that evolves over time has been instrumental.

Palm Beach Illustrated

How do you see styling as collaborative?
Styling on a photo shoot or with a client is a complete collaboration, and one of the many reason's why I love it. I often say that producing a photo shoot is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. The stylist is just one piece of the overall vision that everyone on the crew, from the photographer, to the model, and hair and makeup artists are all creating together.  

see more behind the scenes at Katherine's Instagram

How do you see styling as guided by an artistic vision? As an art form?
When you deconstruct a particular style or look, its really all about layering, color and texture combinations, balance and overall composition. Every look can speak its own language once its styled. And I've always loved the idea of being part of creating a beautiful picture that speaks a certain message or inspiration. Whether its reality or fantasy, the idea that creating something visual through the art of clothes has always been intriguing to me.
Elle McPhereson for You for The Daily Mail

What are some of the challenges of your work?
When I'm in the position of having to act as producer and stylist on a shoot, balancing the art of business vs creative can get a bit tricky. Plus trying to figure out how to be in two places at one time is always a challenge. Another challenge is being based in a smaller resort town. I try to travel as often as I can which is always extremely helpful with staying inspired and on the cutting edge of what's happening in the fashion industry. 

above and below for Palm Beach Charity Register

If you had an unlimited budget and any photographer, what would be this dream shoot?
Right now I'm really being inspired by the work of Guy Bourdin. The budget wouldn't matter… just anything with him!

Instagram Inspiration from The Deux Luxe

Katherine is ever present with social media. She has new website, The Deux Luxe which chronicles her inspirations. She can also be found at Instagram and Twitter. Below, Katherine at Villa de Rothschild in Cap Ferrat.

Thank you Katherine!

When a good day turns into a better one!


 Hope you're having a fantastic week! Mine started quite nice and I hope it will end in the same way. It began with a wonderful package I received about two days ago, in which these super tights waited to enchant my wardrobe forever! Okay, enough poetry for the time being.

They are from Surfdome, a wonderful online shopping site where you can find clothing of all kind! When I browsed through their collection I had no idea what to chose first! But then, I saw these tights HERE and I have already begun creating outfits in my mind. 
You know I am passionate about dots, and I wanted a pair of dotted tights since ..forever! Especially colored ones. So I created a casual-chic outfit, vintage inspired, in a great color contrast perfect for this season, composed of a thrifted vintage velvet skirt, a simple soft sweater and a 1960's style hat. 
I am thinking now of how to wear these tights with other prints - with great pleasure!

  evs4evs5 evs6 evs3 evs esv2

Wearing: vintage skirt, thrifted sweater, Meli Melo hat, Surfdome tights, no name shoes, New Look old bag, Parfois necklace

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I guess every of you is happy with the lovely weather we experience this autumn. It's incredibly hot. There're a lot of colourful leaves underfoot and on trees. It's definitely great weather to go for a nice walk combined with a photo-session. I chose a pair of comfortable boots and a cream-coloured jacket. Plus, a glossy Dior bag which I bought in Redford&Grant, in Metropolitan (Business and Shopping Centre in Warsaw). I've an airy white blouse and trapezium-shaped pocket skirt on me. I really like the outfit – and what about you?

Chyba każdy z Was jest szczęśliwy z powodu pogody jaka dopisała nam tej jesieni. Jest niesamowicie ciepło a pod naszymi nogami i na drzewach jest pełno kolorowych liści. Nie można marzyć o lepszej aurze na spacer połączony ze zdjęciami. Wybrałam wygodne buty przed kolano łącząc je z kremowym płaszczem oraz czarną lakierowaną torebką Diora, którą kupiłam w Metropolitanie w Redford&Grant. Pod spodem mam zwiewną białą bluzkę oraz trapezową spódnicę z kieszeniami. Lubię ten zestaw, a Wam jak się podoba?

Zobacz stylizację w -

Skirt/Spódnica: TopShop
Coat/ Płaszcz: Zara
Blouse/ Bluzka: Zara
Bag/ Torebka: Christian Dior

On hiatus until Friday



I thought I could keep up this week with posts, while my parents are visiting, (I haven't seen them in 3 years!) but unfortunately I couldn't keep up!  So I will be back on Friday with a giveaway that you will really enjoy!



Posted by Bethan Holt, Junior Fashion Editor at Large

Melanie and I have been working with Westfield on a few projects recently and here is one of them… A super fabulous designer sweatshirt collaboration. We got five brilliant LFW talents to make a gorgeous jumper in their signature way to help Westfield London celebrate the fifth anniversary of its opening (doesn't it seem like forever?). The sweatshirts are going to be on sale in shiny new pop-up shop in The Atrium at Westfield London until 6th November. They're completely unique and limited edition plus they're only £65- it's pretty unlikely you'd get anything from one of these designers for that price. The sweatshirts were made in London at Fashion Enter and all proceeds go to Save the Children too. The cliche "what's not to love" has never been more appropriate. So which one will you be buying?

The gorgeous Sophia Webster turned her hand to clothes for the first time, superimposing sparkling jewel images over stripes then adding sleeves and trims in the girlish, cute kinds of colours which we know and love in her shoes.

Thomas Tait, one of London's major up-and-coming talents, added some super chic fashion details to his design; a perfect-for-now polo neck, edgy sliced front panel and a longer length so we can wear his jumper as a top or a tunic.

The lovely Louise Gray spliced two of her digital print designs- one inspired by the London Tube map and the other by the starry night sky- to create her sweatshirt which also has sporty aertex sleeve strips.

Peter and Christopher from Peter Pilotto used a print of sound waves hitting water which also appeared in their Autumn/Winter '13 collection. They call the effect 'a modern check' with its slightly distorted lines. Also ideal for bonfire night, in our opinion.

Richard Nicoll stamped a big number five in beautiful candy floss pink onto his grey marl jumper, very sports luxe- we can imagine wearing it with one of Richard's shiny pencil skirts.

Images courtesy of Westfield



Seeing Spots

Top: Forever 21 // Dress: J. Crew Factory // Shoes: Franco Sarto // Bag: Tory Burch // Tights: F21 [old] // Bracelet: ILY Couture, c/o HelloFab // Lips: Sangria by Milani

Happy hump day! My two favorite colors for fall are bordeaux and navy, so this outfit is definitely a favorite of mine. And of course I am obsessed with anything with polka dots, so I love this dress! Though I have been searching for the skirt version of this for ever, so I mainly purchased this dress so I could refashion it into a skirt. But either way, I am definitely a polka dot lover! [Please excuse the tear in my tights. These are super old and I didn't notice until we were already taking pictures!]

**Oh, and I am also selling my Tory Burch purse [in the pictures above] so if you are interested, feel free to send me an email at for price info and more detailed pictures.**

Thanks for stopping by...
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