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The transitional in between

I seem to always like

I think
the awkward
appeals to me

When I'm thinking of clothing

I prefer
and fall

I love
Regency 1810-1820

sshot-2008-12-31-[17-31-57] by you.sshot-2008-12-31-[17-30-09] by you.
sshot-2008-12-31-[17-31-01] by you.sshot-2008-12-31-[17-30-24] by you.

WWI 1910-1920

sshot-2008-12-31-[17-33-50] by you.sshot-2008-12-31-[17-34-36] by you.
sshot-2008-12-27-[18-01-43] by you.
sshot-2008-12-27-[18-09-36] by you.
sshot-2008-12-27-[18-04-57] by you.


sshot-2008-11-21-[09-06-01] by you.
sshot-2008-11-26-[22-34-51] by you.
sshot-2008-11-05-[21-49-13] by you.
sshot-2008-11-23-[10-01-34] by you.sshot-2008-11-23-[10-01-45] by you.

sshot-2008-12-22-[20-16-43] by you.sshot-2008-11-21-[18-34-58] by you.


I prefer Marc Jacobs' Resort line
to the summer collection of 2009
What a surprise!!
its something transitional

sshot-2008-11-28-[12-48-34] by you.sshot-2008-11-28-[12-47-48] by you.

I think this designer's collection
is a great example
of more to come
in this century/decade
soft and hard silhouette/textures
put together unexpectedly
and large scale
complicated techniques
done with printed textiles
sshot-2008-12-31-[16-07-45] by you.
sshot-2008-12-31-[16-08-04] by you.
sshot-2008-12-31-[16-08-17] by you.

Daniela & Kevin - Etienne Marcel - Paris

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Daniela 18 - Design Student

Coat/Shoes/Gloves/Scarf: CAMAÏEU
Manteau/Chussures/Gants/Echarpe: CAMAÏEU
Skirt/Robe: from Toulouse
Bag: Vintage
Fur Hat: Vintage
Perfume: "Pur Poison" by DIOR
Last Book: "L'écume des jours" by Boris Vian
Last Music: Elvis Presley
Fashion is a state of mind. My look reflects the mood of the day.
La Mode, c'est un état d'esprit. Mon look, c'est mon humeur du jour.
I love "The Kills". I hate him (showing Kevin)

Kevin 21 Design Student

Jacket & Shoes: From London
Pants & Sweat shirt: UNIQLO
Tee-Shirt: The Klaxons (Music)
Head-Phones: PANASONIC
Perfume: "Egoïste" by CHANEL
Last Book: an essai by Jacques Attali
Last CD: The Hooseirs
Fashion is influenced by arts. My look is freezing.
La Mode est influencée par les arts. Mon look est glacial
I love Art. I hate pollution.

Célestine - Le Marais - Paris

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Célestine 14 - HighSchool

Cap&Scarf: CAMAïEU
Jacket(Doudoune): No Brand
Cardigan: ZARA
Tunic: No Brand
Boots: ZARA
Perfume: "Hello Kitty" by H&M
Last Book: "Le livre de ma mère" by A.Cohen
Last CD: "Father&Son" by Cat Stevens
Fashion is my passion. My look is wintry.
I love clothes. I hate double-faced people.

Matra - Le Marais - Paris

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Matra 35 - Stylist

Jacket: Vintage FUSALP
Sweater: LACOSTE
Cap/Belt/bag: Vintage
Perfume: YSL
Only God is above Fashion !
My look is street-wear. I love clothes

Nesrine & Nicolas - Etienne Marcel - Paris

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Nesrine 21 - Medicine Student

Bag&Scarf: H&M
Boots: from a Chinese Shop
Perfume: "Madame" by JP GAULTIER
Fashion is a self-reflection. My look is black and simple.
La Mode, c'est un reflet de soit. Mon look est noir et simple.
I love Blue Color. I hate spiders. J'adore le bleu. Je déteste les araignées !
Last Book: "Pas besoin de souffrir pour être belle" by Hélène Legastelois
Last CD: Keith Sweat

Nicolas 22 - Management student

Trench-Coat: EXHIBIT
Jeans: EDWIN
Sneakers: PF-Flyers.
Perfume: "XS" by PACO RABANNE
I love Risotto (With asparagus). I hate two-faced people. J'adore le Risotto aux asperges. Je déteste les faux-culs.
For Fashion I agree with Nesrine. Pour la Mode, je suis d'accord avec Nesrine.
My Look ? This morning I put on what was clean ! Je porte ce que j'ai trouvé de propre ce matin.
Last CD: ExtaWhite

Winter pebbles

I have noticed that
has gone further than
wonderful crafters

It now
has a large

I grabbed this 1960's hat
from graceantiques

My sister
did my makeup
incredibly perfect
for the following photos

IMG_1934 by you.

IMG_1929 by you.

IMG_1943 by you.
IMG_1907 by you.

Other items
I recently snatched

Green macaroonesque hat

1950's sweetheart neck/back with silver cording

Inspirational black bird

Hat, which will be a later ode to the spring 2009 Marc Jacobs line

Hat which completely leaves me speechless

Shoes that also leave me speechless

Eugénie - Le Marais - Paris

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Eugénie 19 - Physics Student

Coat/Manteau ZARA
Boots/Bottes: JONAK
Scarf: H&M
Bag: Galeries Lafayette
Short Pants: H&M
Cardigan: my Father's
Jewelry: Selfmade
Perfume: Stéphanie de St-Aignan
Last book: "Les derniers jours de Charles Beaudelaire" by BHL
Last CD: Carla Bruni
Fashion is supposed to be superficial, but in fact, only open-minded people are sensitive ...
La Mode est supposée concerner les gens superficiels, mais ne fait, c'est l'affaire de gens sensibles et ouverts d'esprits.
Today my look is confortable. Aujourd'hui, il fait froid, j'ai choisi des vêtements confortables.
I love to eat. I hate lies.

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