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Outfit post - I see fire

Good morning world!!
It's a rainy morning over here in Helsinki but that's not going
to slow me down :) I have couple of things planned for today
and one of them is to go to movies and check out highly awaited
Maleficent movie. I always get so inspired by movies and fairytales
and it's been a while since I went to cinema, so I'm excited about it :)

Next week I'm flying to London and that's another thing that I'm
SO looking forward to. I will be there only for a few days so my
schedule is pretty packed as there's so much to see/ do/ dine in London.
Expect a London diary on daily basis :)

I'm gonna jump in the shower now and get going, so take care everyone
and have a great Thursday!

I'm wearing: Sandals - Steve Madden, Pants - Isabel Marant, Top - Mango,
Bag - Tory Burch, Ring & cuff - HOH1960, Earrings - Chanel

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The smell of the summer is in the air and I'm already dreaming about the holidays. About some rest by the swimming pool, with a book in my hands. And about delicious dinners on a terrace with a view of the sea. I hope it's all going to happen soon and now I put on my floral shorts, white blouse, pink ballerina shoes and silver coat. Then I grasp my capacious Puma bag and I'm ready for today's challenges :-)

Zapach lata unosi się w powietrzu, a ja marzę już o wakacjach. Wypoczynku z książką nad basenem i wieczorach przy pysznych kolacjach z widokiem na morze. Mam nadzieję, że to już niebawem, a teraz zakładam kwieciste szorty, do tego białą bluzkę, różowe baleriny i srebrną kurtkę. W rękę łapię pojemną torbę Pumy i jestem gotowa na dzisiejsze wyzwania :-)

Jacket: Mango   Shorts: Art Fashion   Bag: Puma   Shoes: Gucci  Watch: Certina

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Outfit post - I did it to myself...

Good Monday everyone!!
I'm a bit late with my blog posts, but I had quite chaotic
times with my exhibition closing, selling my old apartment and
such. A lot can happen in such a short time and at times I have hard
times to organise myself "on the go" and make schedules, esp. since
it has to include another two persons and not just myself.
However, I did pulled through it and I woke up feeling great and
energised this morning so I went straight to the gym and for a coffee with
my sister afterwards.
The weather in Helsinki has been lovely for a while and I couldn't be more
happier to wake up to sunshine every morning :)

This is the outfit which I wore on the last day of my exhibition. It was
sad to take the photos off of the gallery's walls, but I know that an amazing
future is awaiting for me and there's so much to look forward to.
I'M BURSTING of wish to tell you all about it, but I can't reveal anything yet :D
Soon, soon!

This t-shirt is one of my favourite pieces which I bought lately. It's by Vika
Gazinskaya which she did in collaboration with &otherstories, one of my
favourite high street brands rising from mighty swedish fashion scene which is
absolutely getting more and more inspiring each year.

Have a great day girls and talk to you soon!

I'm wearing: Bag - Mansur Gavriel, Shorts - Lindex, Tee - Vika Gazinskaya &otherstories,
Jacket - Zara, Sunnies - Ray Ban, Bracelets - Accessorize, Sandals - Vagabond,
Earrings & ring - House of Harlow 1960

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Pants or skirt?

c451 6 

 As I am sitting here, writing this post I am also eating a big portion of pancakes with chocolate and strawberries, at the same time I am working on my graduation paper and for my job. So I am pretty much multitasking today and for the rest of the month and the one after that! I am slightly panicking of course, because that is what I do when I am near a deadline, so this means that I will barely have time for blogging once again, but I trust you can understand that.
 In the meantime, it seems that Summer is eager to torture our skin and state of mind, as it is very very hot outside, perfect for light dresses and sandals. But I chose to wear my hybrid pants so to say, because they do resemble a skirt sometimes and it feels soooo good in them! The black shirt though...wasn't a great choice; it felt like a hot radiator.
Enough rambling, got to get back to work.
 Have a wonderful weekend guys!

  c451c451 5 c451 4 c451 2 c451 3

Wearing: Stradivarius shirt, MiniPrix pants, New Look shoes, borrowed belt, Avon bag.


Outfit post - Maxi red

Helsinki's weather has been heavenly for a few days now!
I'm so, SO happy to wake up to sun rays in the morning and
go to sleep with still lots of daylight outside. My favourite thing about Finland
are "endless" Summer days :)

Besides having an amazing and warm weather, I have been planning
my Summer holidays and can't wait to finally book all the flights and
hotels as this Summer has to be amazing. I really need a quality time off to
recharge my batteries. It's been a long and very hard year (counting from the last
Summer holidays) and plenty of time by the sea will do me good I believe! :)

That being mentioned, I have bought some new clothes recently which will be perfect
for Summer/ beach time and one of the pieces I got was this dress.
It's by Mango and I absolutely love it. It's so light and "flowy", just what I needed :)

My photo exhibition is closing tomorrow, which is such a bitter-sweet thing but
I'm not complaining, there's so much coming in future for me that I have no
time to be "sad" about the exhibition being over already.
It's been my most visited and praised exhibition so far and it was very interesting
to hear people's opinions on my works. I was overwhelmed with all the response
that I got which I think made it this hard for me to face the closing day tomorrow.

Anyhow, I hope that you're having a great day wherever you are and remember one
thing -> Keep on dreaming and believing, miracles do exist and wishes do come true :)

I'm wearing: Sandals - Tommy Hilfiger, Dress - Mango, Jeans jacket - Diesel,
Sunnies - Prada, Bag - Celine, Ring - HOH1960

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Outfit post - Sound of silence

Good morning dear people!
It's Tuesday, 1st workout of the week has been done yesterday
and thanks to that, today I feel very energised to get lots of errands
done. I need to bring bunch of my daughter's old clothes to local
2nd hand store for sale, I'm also donating tons of my own old clothes
or mostly clothes that I don't wear anymore and I'm also planning to
cook a mushroom soup before I go out for a long walk by the beach
later in the afternoon.

The sun is shining and I can't wait to get outside, so I would like to
wish you a lovely and productive day.

I'm wearing: Ballerinas - Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bag - Celine,
Earrings - Chanel, Jeans - Diesel, Blouse - Samuji, Blazer - Rachel Zoe,
Sunglasses - Sheriff & Cherry, Rings - HOH1960

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Outfit post - Mr Steve

Good Sunday morning everyone!
I just had my breakfast and am sipping on my tea while typing
this post. It's finally sunny and lovely weather in my city, so yesterday
was the perfect day to spend it outside.
I have visited amusement park with my family, we ate cotton candy,
took many rides and strolled through the whole park.
I always loved amusement parks, they were such an important part
when I was growing up.
We never had a proper amusement park where I used to live in my childhood,
instead we had the "travelling" amusement parks, so every time when they
would come to my town, I was so excited to go and always found these places
to be somewhat magical :D

My photo exhibition is still going on for one more week and I'm so excited
about the final week, but at the same time I'm so bummed that the closing
time is near. I have put so much time, effort and myself into this exhibition
and it's a bitter-sweet moment to have to take away my art from the gallery's
walls. Then again, there's so much awaiting for me in the near future that
I won't be "sad" for too long :)

I hope that all of you are having a great Sunday and I would like to wish you
a successful start of the new week tomorrow!

I'm wearing: Pants - See by Chloe, Ballerinas - Vagabond, Bag - Celine,
Cardigan - Diesel, Tee - Mr Steve, Bracelet - Balenciaga, Earrings - Tory Burch

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Basic pieces, but don't forget some color!


 Here I am, on a very rainy day, wearing my new basic pants I got in navy blue - my new color obsession. In fact, any shade of blue. I am obsessing over the idea of having a pair of high heeled shoes in baby blue and I have no idea why! Getting back to my outfit here, I have to say I am really pleased with these pants, so comfy and so elegant, but easy to wear! I paired them with this gorgeous blazer I received from Sheinside - I think a white blazer in your wardrobe is kind of a basic statement piece and I was really looking for that. And I couldn't resist the temptation of adding a bold color. Pink for that matter, one I don't really wear! I borrowed this blouse from my flatmate, the minute I decided I was bored with my own shirts - that is the best part of living with girlfriends, you can share clothes! 
And I can't seem to get enough of those shoes lately. What can I say? They seem to go with everything!

  mk27 6mk27 3 mk27 4 mk27 2 mk27 5

Wearing: Sheinside blazer, H&M pants, Asos shoes, random brand bag, Oasap necklace, H&M ring

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