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Once upon a hot Sunday ...

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                                                                                          i was really in the mood for jumping :)
                                                                                                 sneakers: h&m,
                                                                                                 shorts: non branded, bought in turkey,
                                                                                                 t-shirt: new yorker,
                                                                                                 sunglasses: no name,
                                                                                                 leo scarf: vintage,
                                                                                                 flowers: h&m,
                                                                                                 hat: h&m,
                                                                                                 bracelets: h&m,
                                                                                                 necklace: accessorize,
                                                                                                 watch: Ice watch,
                                                                                                 clutch: tašnarija,
                                                                                                 ph: Jeca

Once upon a hot Sunday .... and on that day i snap some photos. Just to remember how fun is when sun is shining, you wearing shorts, maybe some sunglasses, probably a hat too, and you are jumping in the park. Sounds great? Memories created....
This is the last outfit post that i made last week while i was at my grandparents house in small town near Belgrade, and you can see how my hair looked damaged. That's not the case anymore, so i can't wait to show you! :) 
Bila je nedelja... sunčana....  i tog dana sam napravila nekoliko fotografija.... čisto da me podsete koliko je zabavno dok sunce sija, dok nosim šorc, možda i naočare, i omiljeni šešir, skakućem u parku... Zvuči dobro zar ne? Do sledećeg takvog dana ostaju mi samo sećanja ...
Ovo je ujedno i poslednji post koji sam napravila prošle nedelje, kosu sam prethodnog dana navijala, nakon čega sam malo i pokisla te je zbog toga  izgledala ovoliko oštećeno, ali već u sledećem ćete konačno videti i novu frizuru! :)
p.s. Jecooo hvala za sličice! ♥

Mom's vintage blouse .........

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                                                                                              sandals: zara,
                                                                                              jeans: pull&bear,
                                                                                              blouse: vintage,
                                                                                              belt: mona,
                                                                                              bag: aldo,
                                                                                              ring: aldo,
                                                                                              watch: michael kors,
                                                                                              ph: Ceca

It's raining  again, but here is something to remind us  that sun still exist, somewhere.... Do you remember when i told you in one of my previous posts that i made tons of photos last week? :) I visited again this gorgeous place Ljubicevo, and i couldn't resist, nature is so beautiful ... I was wearing silk vintage blouse, from my mom's closet, which i paired with one of my favorite bleached jeans and those red high heels (will you believe me if  i say that they are really comfy?) . I know that this bag wasn't the best choice probably, but i didn't want to bring with me so many clothes, while i was at my grandparents house ... It's only left to show you one more outfit and photos that i made in Pozarevac, and i'm counting the days when i will show you my new haircut! :)

And here we go again .... kiša, sunce, kiša, sunce ... sada već postaje dosadno. Zato evo nečeg da nas podseti da lepo vreme još uvek postoji. Ponovo sam posetila ovo divno mesto, ogromna kapija, prelepa priroda, zraci sunca koji prolaze kroz kosu, savršeno za fotografisanje ( ali ovog puta objektiv i ja nismo baš najbolje sarađivali :) )  ...  Mamina svilena bluza, omiljene izbledele farmerke i neverovatno udobne crvene štikle ... Ostaje mi da vam pokažem još jedan outfit post nastao u Požarevcu, a onda ću vam konačno otkriti i moju novu frizuru! :)


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i was just browsing through THREADSENCE- i died + went to shorts heaven ♥
such a great selection. of course i went straight for the striped ones!
ooo + their behind the scenes video is adorable. i wish i could live in it... check it out HERE.

Dewdrops of Color


My cousin is back in Romania for a short vacation so I borrowed her wonderful lenses for this photoshoot. We took long walks along the city, we laughed of our childhood memories and we ate delicious stuff in the city. Oh, the delight of remembrance..










How could resist these delicious pleasures?..

Wearing: self made skirt, Stradivarius top, vintage shoes, thrifted belt, Army of Mice bag, Meli Melo bracelets.

Zara People bracelet ...

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                                                                                             gift from Zara

You probably heard about that Zara People project, i also uploaded my photo, and i didn't have that luck to be on their front page, but  last week i received this friendship bracelet from them, as a kind of gratitude to all those who participated! Really sweet! Thank you Zara!  :)
Sigurna sam da ste čuli za Zara People projekat ( ukoliko niste Jelena je pisala o svemu tome, pa možete pročitati OVDE) , i sama sam učestvovala ali nisam bila te sreće da i moja fotografija bude objavljenja, u svakom slučaju prošle nedelje je na moju adresu stigao koverat pravo iz La Coruña-e, a u njemu ova divna narukvica, kao mali znak pažnje i zahvalnica svima onima koji su učestvovali! Već je obožavam! :)

And then came the rain ...

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                                                                                              sandals: aldo,
                                                                                              jeans: miss sixty,
                                                                                              shirt: bershka,
                                                                                              belt: accessorize,
                                                                                              bag: benetton,
                                                                                              bracelets: accessorize, h&m, diy,
                                                                                              flower: diy,
                                                                                              ph: Jasna

Here are the photos from Saturday, before the rain fell. This was the first time that my aunt ( the best one in the whole world) took a photos of me! :) It was cold enough for wearing jeans, simple white shirt, little bit of accessories and to spice it up, enormously huge flower, which i got from my another aunt! :) Flower was inspired by DIY post from one of my dearest bloggers Marina, so you can check the whole process HERE! I curled up my hair with soft bendy hair curlers ( they look like this ONE) , they are perfect for summer, better than curling irons, and i pretty much like the result! And how about you? :)
p.s. last night i visited my hairdresser, so i have new hairstyle! :)

Sećate se kako sam vam u prethodnom postu rekla da sam jurila sunce? E pa,  subota je bila bezuspešna ... Još jedno ispijanje kafe u gradu ( u mom slučaju uvek soka) , ovog puta sa tetkom ( najboljom na celom svetu) :) , koja me je nakon toga po prvi put slikala za blog. Hvalaaa! ♥ ... O tome koliko je bilo hladno, kiši i grmljavini koja je usledila te večeri ne moram ni da vam pričam ...
Često me pitate kako navijam kosu, pa evo i odgovora :
Za neke važnije prilike i kada nisam u žurbi, najčešće koristim Rowenta styler o kom sam vam pisala OVDE, a druga varijanta koju preporučujem leti i kada nemate dovoljno vremena ( a ponekad i živaca :) ) su sunđeri koji se mogu naći u parfimerijama, kineskim radnjicama, pa čak i većim marketima, po veoma pristupačnim cenama ( za one koji ne znaju izgledaju OVAKO) a njihov efekat upravo gledate na sličicama u ovom postu! :)
U borbi protiv vremena sam tog dana pobedila! :) Stavila sam najveći cvet iz moje kolekcije ( hvala drugoj tetki koja ga je napravila i poklonila :) ), koji je nastao zahvaljujući Marinim DIY postom, koje svi obožavamo! Sada sledi hvala i Marini jer nesebično deli sa nama sve ono što pronađe, osmisli i napravi! :)
A pošto sam već krenula ovoliko da se zahvaljujem :) , najveće Hvala vama koji pratite, čitate, govorite da vas inspiriše, ostavljate komentare, sa nestrpljenjem očekujete nove postove i uživate u svemu ovome. Iskreno se nadam da ćemo se dugo, dugo družiti! :)
p.s. ukoliko pratite FB page ili twitter mogli ste da vidite da sam sinoć posetila frizera, tako da ... :)
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