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Silvie Koang London diary Friday, June 6, 2014 Hello my dear readers! I came back from London and I can't wait to already go back for some more adventure :) It's absolutely imposs... 5

London diary

Hello my dear readers!
I came back from London and I can't wait to already go back
for some more adventure :) It's absolutely impossible to do everything
you want to/ have in plan to do in London in only 4 days, esp. if you're
travelling with a little child, like I did.
However, we did managed to do a lot of things and see some amazing
places. I'm so thankful for a possibility to travel and discover some new
places that for me, were existing only in the newspapers or internet :)

First day of the trip was the day of arrival too, so we didn't had much time
for anything, except getting a little bit lost in Soho and going for a dinner
to a Michelin star restaurant Yauatcha.
Dim sums are out of this world delicious as well as their noodles! Next time
when I go there I'll def. try out their cakes which look like a little masterpieces :)

When we woke up next morning, we went to our favourite spot for breakfast,
Le Pain Quotidien! All of their food is so  healthy, organic and they have great
options for vegetarians.

Next, we were onto a shopping trip/ sightseeing of the city before we finally
ended up at Jamie Oliver's Italian for lunch. The place was nice and was easy
to find, but the food was nothing spectacular. I was expecting more from his
restaurant, but maybe some other of his restaurants are better than the one I've
been to on Piccadilly Circus.

The rest of the day was dedicated to some more shopping and sightseeing
as well as a trip to Harrods for a cake at Laduree :)

Third morning kicked off by going to see London Aquarium, London Eye,
Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. They're all located next to each other,
so it was very easy to check all of them on the same trip.
London Aquarium was really amazing! I love going to these kind of places
and this aquarium was so impressive! I've never seen that big sharks or
fishes in my life :)

For lunch we chose to go to Gordon Ramsay's restaurant Maze Grill.
The food was everything I have hoped for and even more :)
He truly is a food god!

Some more sightseeing and strolling through the city ended our day 3 on our
London adventure.

Morning of day 4 started at Le Pain Quitidien and then continued by taking
a sub from Oxford Circus to Madame Tussauds. I have been to NYC one
and was very much looking forward to check out the London one.
It was great and def. worth the visit.

We had lunch at vegetarian Indian restaurant Woodlands and everything
was perfect. I liked it a lot.
After the lunch we went to the biggest toy store Hamley's for some unique
toy shopping experience :) Little one was so impressed and happy to shop there!

We did some more sightseeing of the city after the toy shopping. We were still
supposed to have a dinner at a special restaurant but then decided to skip it as we
were all pooped out from walking for hours and hours every day of our trip and
we had an early wake up call the next morning.

Here're some photos from the trip :)

                                             Our comfy hotel room

Dinner at Yauatcha

A look at London from the cab

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

At Maze Grill

London Aquarium

Jamie Oliver's Italian 

New Bond st. and Regent st. were great for shopping

Madame Tussauds

Shopping at Chanel on New Bond st.

Laduree cafe at Harrods

Early flight back home

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