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Silvie Koang BODYMETRICS + SERFONTAINE + SELFRIDGES = PURE JEAN-IUS! Friday, January 28, 2011 Posted by Fashion Junior at Large I have a confession: I never wear jeans. It's a sad fact, because I am a huge fan of the jeans + old t... 5


Posted by Fashion Junior at Large

I have a confession: I never wear jeans. It's a sad fact, because I am a huge fan of the jeans + old t-shirt + beaten up leather jacket combination, but have unfortunately never been able to find a pair of denim wonders that truly flatters and fits me correctly. The kind you can just throw on without thinking about it.

Until now - I have had a denim epiphany. Last week, the Fash Ed mentioned Bodymetrics at Selfridges to me, and I was intrigued. This revolutionary fitting service uses a machine to scan your whole body and calculate the shape you are, according to their own special categories (I was relieved to note the absence of 'apple'  and 'pear' terminology that has such a negative effect on female self esteem - who wants to be compared to lumpy old fruit?!) Instead, the Bodymetrics service tells you whether you are an Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby, which then means you can select any of the Serfontaine jean styles, that have each been tailored to the three different shapes. In short: the same style of jeans, tailored three ways, for different women. Sounded good to me...

I'm an Emerald - Fash Ed is a Ruby

On the day of our appointment, I was more than a little nervous about stripping off in the presence of total strangers, but thankfully the Tron-like body scanner in the Selfridges denim department offers total privacy. It all feels very sci-fi, as a beam of red light gives your spread-eagled body the once over and beams a silver android scan of your form over to the fitting assistants.

Melanie getting her Tron on in the Bodymetrics scanner

Apparently, I'm an Emerald shape, which is because my waist and hip measurements are fairly similar. At first I was confused, because I'm about as in-and-out as a Coke bottle, but I discovered denim companies measure the 'waist' a lot lower down than our natural waists, because no-one wears their jeans that high anymore. Therefore my 'waist' in jean terms is actually more like the top of my hips. The sales assistant also told me I had slim thighs, at which point I wanted to kiss her.

Into the changing room we went, for fun and games trying on a selection of styles all shaped for Emeralds and Rubies (in the case of the Fash Ed). Although there was still some wriggling and hopping to get our jeans on, this was officially the least stressful jeans-trying experience I have ever had, because for once, they actually fit right. And yes, I came out with the most flattering pair of jeans I have ever worn, which officially makes me a denim convert. At last!

Changing room fun with Mel and George:

As you can see, we both tried on many, many pairs, but unfortunately none were 100% perfect for the 
Fash Ed

(Excuse the stupid facial expression) This was my favourite black pair, with stealthy zips for extra ankle hugging-ness.

We both liked this pale stonewash pair...

 ...which turned out to be my personal winners.

The Fash Ed's experience:

On the other hand, I am a denim obsessive. My first Saturday job was as a denim grader for Rokit (the famous London vintage store) back in the early 1990's. By the time university was complete I was a denim expert. To this day I can still tell a person their jean size from looking at them (who needs a Bodymetric scanner when you've got me). Over the years jeans have been a key component of my everyday wardrobe, until recently when they have been usurped by J Brand Houlihans and Dom & Ruby leather skinny trousers.

Bottom line is while the Bodymetrics scanner found perfectly fitting jeans for me - and I mean PERFECT, they were like a second skin - they did not suit me. Being a Ruby means I have a teeny waist swooping out to a rather cuvaceous hip and thigh. The jeans they gave me were too low-rise, and made me look like I had a long body and thigh handles. But I'm going back to Selfridges next Friday 4th February to host a bloggers event at the denim area, and am trying again with some more high-waisted pairs that are about to come onto stock.


Me and the fashion junior will be hanging out with Paige from Paige's Premium Denim, and Kristen from J Brand at Selfridges Destination Denim area om the 3rd floor from 5 to 8pm next Friday. Please come by for a chat

Melanie & George

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