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Silvie Koang Insta diary Friday, September 20, 2013 Happy Friday everyone! This is a very special Friday for me because I get to do what I love with my closest group of people, so I couldn'... 5

Insta diary

Happy Friday everyone!
This is a very special Friday for me because I get to do what
I love with my closest group of people, so I couldn't have this day
any better :)

The theme of this photo shoot is very dark, provocative, mystic and
I can't wait to see how the photos will turn out.
Every photo shoot is very personal, it shows my deepest emotions,
fears, visions, etc. therefore I never say 100% whats the story behind
a certain photo, but always give away couple of hints, so it's up to the
viewer to interpret the photos.

If somebody would tell me 3 years ago when I took camera for the 1st
time in my hands that I would be this far in such a short time, I would
just laugh and not believe a single word, but I'm the proof that passion,
belief in yourself and your work + a pure and open heart can lead you
distances you could only dream of.
Believe in your dreams guys, no matter how crazy or big they are!

Here's a small round up of my past 3 weeks which I've captured through
my Instagram lenses :)

                                          Should I call this a "selfie"? :D

Picnic in September - me likes!

New discovery - my favourite cafe in Helsinki 

Notice about my exhibition in NYC on croatian 
version of Buro 24/7

Shopping and resting :)

Beautiful & sunny day in the hood

My home vegetarian cooking 


Wise words

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