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Silvie Koang Stockholm - Instagram travel diary Thursday, January 23, 2014                                                                                               CLICK TO SEE MORE                             ... 5

Stockholm - Instagram travel diary

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                                                                                             ph. via @vanjaam

And finally the last post from Stockholm is here! There are no more photos, I promise! ;)
Today I decided to share snapshots from Instagram and some general tips.
Jelena and I traveled with Air Serbia because we wanted to arrive at the Arlanda airport which is nearer to the city than the others.
We picked Arlanda Express as our transfer to the Stockholm city and it was really good choice even better than a taxi. It only takes 20 minutes from the airport to the Central Station in Stockholm and during this short trip you can use free Wi-Fi too! ;) After we arrived to the Central Station we decided to use taxi to our first hotel because of our luggage but if you travel light you can make a short walk if you are staying at some central hotels, it's not a long distance (10-20 minutes walk).
Tip: check the discounts for Arlanda Express and buy return ticket, it's cheaper or if you are not sure how you will travel back to the airport, change your money on time cause you don't want to run through the Central Station like we did! ;)
Tip 2: if you are control freak and want to plan everything in advance, check this website so you can organize on time. 
Nobis Hotel / check here
Lydmar / check here
Scandic Grand Central - just around the corner of Central Station, where we literally jumped from our beds and hopped on the train! :)
for more great hotels and also some budget friendly hotels check here.
Goldbar at Nobis Hotel
Cafe Opera
Lydmar restaurant 
for more suggestions check here.
Go for a walk and do not stop! ;) 
Check at least one of the museums.
If you have enough time don't miss the Zoo!  
Seeing Stockholm from the water is an enjoyable must. 
If you are not afraid of hight, SkyView is also a must for you.
Gamla Stan if you are in love with small streets and old buildings. 
for more tips check here.
Despite the fact that Stockholm is really expensive city, no one left it with empty hands. ;) 
Whether you like to shop some pastries or decorations for home, shoes or fashion accessories here are some places to check:
 NK , Sturegallerian, &other stories, UONathalie Schuterman, and many, many other stores at Biblioteksgatan area.

And that's pretty much it. If you need any help, just type it here!
Hope it will be useful!

p.s. for more great tips check!
                                                                                                For Serbian readers
Mini Giveaway za sve one koji vole da im cipele zauzmu više prostora u koferu od kozmetike! ;)
All Me je rešio da pokloni 4 travel seta, a da biste učestvovali dovoljno je samo da "lajkujete" njihovu Facebook stranicu Ovde i ostavite komentar ispod posta sa vašom email adresom!Igramo se do ponedeljka, kada će pobednik biti odlučen uz pomoć sajta!:)

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