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Silvie Koang Dear mums, get a home tutor in Lagos now that holidays are over Tuesday, October 28, 2014 T he natural mother instinct is to ensure that their child performs better than others . Here is a tough question: Ar e you really doing you... 5

Dear mums, get a home tutor in Lagos now that holidays are over

The natural mother instinct is to ensure that their child performs better than others. Here is a tough question: Are you really doing your best for your child? You are probably very busy with the 9 - 5 job or perhaps your child is stubborn (almost every child is..) so you think sending them to a good school is sufficient. Well, it is not and and if you want them to make you proud 10-20 years from now you should...

Meet Prepclass – Nigeria’s foremost education consulting company and providers of home tutors in Lagos with years of experience. They shareinsights and answers to questions parents frequently ask:

How can I get my child to be the best in class?
Every kid is intelligent in their own right but it often takes personal one-on-one attention and training to get them to outperform their peers.
We have numerous success stories from hundreds of our clients in Lagos who have seen their kids go from 15th place to 3rd place in just one term.Our home tutors engage kids both mentally and psychologically, we have specialists in Montessori, British, American and of course Nigerian curriculum as such we always achieve the best results.

How do I motivate my stubborn/lazy child to succeed?
Kids from ages 6 - 12 are generally very active/agile and they tend to be quite restless but remember that these foundational years determine their academic attitude for the rest of their lives. Our research shows that students who get admitted into Ivy League schools abroad or graduate with 1st class degrees are those that areconstantly monitored by the parent or a home lesson teacher. At Prepclass, our tutors are specifically trained to motivate, discipline and enforce good behaviour (we never flog but with the parent’s permission we may activate several levels of corporal punishment)

I have dreams for my child to school in an Ivy League university. Can you help?
Prepclass has a very special program for upper middle class parentswho want their children to attend Ivy League schools in the US or UK. This program includes free consultation and we assign a student from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, or other Ivy League school to tutor and mentor your child

How doI get a tutor?
3 simple steps.
1. Visit our website at fill in all the necessary details like address, preferred sex of tutor etcor call 01-2913970
2. Instantly see a list of qualified tutors in your region and pick the onesyou are interested in
3. Pay the registration fee to meet the tutor and voila we schedule a meeting at your time of convenience. 

What other services do you offer?
We provide special home tutors for exam preparations – JAMB, CAMBRIDGE, WAEC, NECO, IGCSE, GMAT, GRE, SAT, for adult and language learning programs and for special skills such as music lessons.If you truly want to see your child's academic performance improvecall or text 01-2913970 for further questions.
For some of our corporate or more mature clients we also have the best tutors to train them on SPECIAL SKILLS like how to write business plans, speech presentations,  how to build websites and perform basic graphics design.
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