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Unknown BARBIE SHOWS US HOW TO DO SS10! Monday, January 18, 2010 Posted by the Fashion Editor at Large My former assistant Hannah Almassi, now the fabulous Style Hunter and the fashion features assistant t... 5


Posted by the Fashion Editor at Large

My former assistant Hannah Almassi, now the fabulous Style Hunter and the fashion features assistant to the superchic Kay Barron at Grazia, has a blog (yes, her too!) called and today she showed me what she had been up to this weekend. Namely, the below....

Yes, Hannah has been re-making clothes for her Barbies all weekend in the spirit of the SS10 collections. The results, showcased on her blog are, I think, pure genius. The Stella and Kane ones were my favourites, and Hannah forwarded me the JPegs so I could share.

There is a very good reason for this weekend project. Hannah's parents are about to move house and she was taking a trip down memory lane (as you do when you are going through boxes of childhood stuff from the attic) and found 30 Barbie dolls, two Ken dolls, a Barbie and Ken caravan and lots and lots of clothes from the late 80's and early 90's and got carried away. As you do.

According to her mother, Hannah was found sat on the floor in the same position she used to sit when she was five playing with her dolly's. Cute, cute cute. Apart from gaining a bit more insight into Hannah's childhood than I expected for a Monday, I nevertheless instantly understood why Hannah came to study for a B.A in fashion design, and how she came to work at Grazia and become the success she is.

When I questioned her inspiration for the Barbie project Hannah responded with her characteristic half smile and a toss of her mane of hair and said, "The reasons are so deep I think it will take some time to answer the question." 

We don't need the answer just yet, but in the meantime see if you can recreate the last Chanel show using your Barbies, Kens and perhaps the caravan in place of the barn? You just need a bit of hay and some mini-clogs and can turn one of the Ken's into a mini Karl, then Barbie and Ken can start rolling around in the hay.....

You're the best Hannah Wannah!
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