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Unknown TRENDS WEDNESDAY: PASTELS SS10 Wednesday, January 27, 2010 Posted by the Fashion Junior at Large with Fashion Editor at Large Trends Thursday has been reassigned as Trends Wednesday this week, as Fas... 5


Posted by the Fashion Junior at Large with Fashion Editor at Large

Trends Thursday has been reassigned as Trends Wednesday this week, as Fashion Editor at Large is currently en route from Paris and tomorrow the FEAL blog will be dominated by posts on her adventures at the couture shows.

So, lets talk about pastels - lilacs, blush pinks, lemon sorbets, pistachio, pale sky blue and all that good stuff - which were all over the catwalks this season. When FEAL saw them on the runway, she said it was like putting on a pair of rose-tinted spectacles. Check these out and be sure to tell us what you think:

FEAL - Love how Chris made this naughty dress look so niiice just by using pink gingham.
FJAL Christopher Kane - This girly gingham fabric stirs images of quaint picnics in the park. Very new-era English rose.

FJAL Philip Lim - This is a great way to 'edge-up' pastels. Mix them with an intensified version of the same hue  - pale pink becomes scarlet, like so. (I also like that the coat is reminiscent of a Quality Street wrapper. Scrummy!)

FEAL - I would like to get married wearing this.
FJAL Marc Jacobs - Is this boho for 2010? The strands of curling ruffles evoke underwater plants swirling in tidal rock pools. I want to wear it with bare feet on the sand and embrace my inner hippy child.

FEAL - from the side the bra points reminded me of the machine gun jubblies from "The Spy Who Shagged Me". This wasn't my favourite piece from the collection, but it was definitely my preferred colour.
FJAL Louise Goldin - Wowza Lou! The fanned skirt and delicate strips of tulle are beyond gorgeous. Loving the nod to Jean Paul Gaultier with the Madonna-esque points. Oh and well done on Fashion Forward - you deserved to win!

FJAL Burberry - This dress has some really nice touches. The flatteringly wide but shallow V-neck - accentuated with criss-crossing fabric strips which continue to the hips - and the pleasing volume of the knotted skirt.  I'm a fan of the long sleeves as well. Good job Christopher Bailey.

FJAL Luella - This dress is relatively unfussy for Ms Bartley - not a floral print or lace trim in sight. But it's still ultra girly in signature Luella fashion. The candy floss colour (and texture it should be noted) are sweet enough to induce toothache.

FEAL - this Lanvin show was heavenly. The asymetric draping was sexy and womanly, and while this honey colour isn't strictly a pastel, I would r\ther it sat in this section that the nudes trends which I'm saving for later in the spring.
 FJAL - The honey hued silk drape skirt is proof that a mid-length hem line can still be totally chic and sexy (I think its poised  for a come back). I'm feeling inspired by the model's bird-nest bun as well.

FJAL Bruno Pieters - Hoods popping up in surprising places has become a fascination of mine. This nude streamlined dress gets a real design lift from its hood - which I assume you can also wear down, falling over your shoulders. Very modern dontcha think?

FEAL - Pale pink and the brunette. A match made in nirvana. This Burberry collection was sooo sweet.

FEAL - pastel gets the hippy treatment

FEAL - Giles manages to pull off the rock n roll pastel look very nicely indeed

FEAL - Louise Goldin does it for me again in pale lillac

FEAL - this Derek Lam dress will sell out. A commercial winner. But, ask anyone who sells clothes in a large scale way, and they'll tell you "pastels don't sell".  Well they might not have before, but mark my words, this season they will.

FEAL - I can see Victoria Beckham in this before long. I love it.

FEAL - Ackermann is my crush of the season

Photo credits: Chris Moore/
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