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Silvie Koang MARC JACOBS SAYS "HI"! Sunday, February 7, 2010 Posted by the Fashion Editor at Large Marc Says "Hi" from a Robert Duffy Twitpic taken last week I don't know when this photo ... 5


Posted by the Fashion Editor at Large
Mark says Hi! on Twitpic
Marc Says "Hi" from a Robert Duffy Twitpic taken last week

I don't know when this photo of Robert and Marc was taken, or by whom, but they look just adorable in it.

Meet the president of Marc Jacobs. His name is Robert Duffy, (that's him next to Marc, above). On January 29 at 11.04am New York time he joined Twitter. (The photo above of MJ blowing us a kiss was taken by Robert last week on his Blackberry.) In a previous post I talked about how the real power players in fashion are passionate about their work, and too busy to be drawn into bitching etc, well to me Robert sums this ethos up. When I interviewed him last year off the back of a Marc Jacobs interview, I found him the real deal. He is keeping it real about the fashion industry, and enjoying the sometimes bumpy ride.   I can say with authority that Robert Duffy seems one of the nicest men you will meet in fashion. He is charming, honest and his work is his life.

How Robert looks these days

He is fashion’s very own version of the character played by George Clooney in Up in The Air. When I met both of them last year for Grazia, Marc said of Robert “He occupies himself with the stores. I can barely keep up with the pace of his life. He is always on the move. I like staying in one place for ten days."

Love it when people embrace a new medium, and Duffy has really gone for it. Since Jan 29 we have learned he has been travelling within the US from city to city, and also that he sees a trip to Rio or Manila as easy to achieve we would a trip to the shops. Well, for him it is a trip to the shops. His shops! I have read through all of his tweets up to now so you don’t have to, and they offer a fascinating insight into the world of Robert and Marc.. UPDATE:He's back in New York with a week to go until the MJ show, so it's a given that the Tweets will get better!

I love all you out there. I wish the rest of the world was as cool. I am so into speaking the truth. I agree! Till they shut me down!

Legal Dept had meeting with me. They want me to be careful about what I tell you all. What’s your opinion? Free Speech & F—k it? Or?

ON NEXT WEEKS SHOW (Tweeted Sunday 7th Feb))
Kids! I'm coming home! Brace yourselves! Fashion Week Begins! This is what we live and die for. This is what we cry over. This is our life!
Yes, we go up to 16. [That’s a UK 20]. Few people buy them. I wish they would. We stock in our stores only to 14. [A UK 18]. No one buys them. We sell mostly 2-6 in our stores. That is a fact of our business. Our wholesale business is very different.

Models are thin. They are also young. When I was 24 I weighed 145lbs at 6'4" now at 56 I weigh 207lbs I never had an eating disorder.

If you love fashion and you’re talented be ready to give up many years to poverty and work. Don’t blame others for your setbacks. You win!

When we went out of business (3 times) it was because we failed. Not because of anyone else. People didn’t like what we were doing.

I never looked at the industry as a battlefield or war. We struggled for so many years, never gave up.

Keep on doing what you love. People will catch up with you. People respect hard work. It takes years. It's all in the journey my friends!

We have been doing this for 26 years. 20 were a struggle to stay in business. That's the reality. It could end tomorrow. But, today smile!


Marc shows his muschel while sketching. on Twitpic
"Marc shows his muscles while sketching" by Robert Duffy

We respect each other. We love each other. We trust each other. We have never let anyone get between us! We made a promise 25 years ago

After 25 years he still surprises me every day. To be involved is a privilege. But, it ain’t easy.

Marc sketches every piece in the woman’s collection. I’m surprised so many people think he doesn’t. He’s amazing.

Just saw Juergen Teller’s pictures of Marc in our new men’s fragrance ads. You are going to flip! He looks very HOT!

No! Marc and I have never been Boyfriends. We have been partners for over 25 yrs. Has been the most important person in my life. My best F.

One thing about Marc you don’t know? Not from me you won’t. Just check out his tatts.

Marc has come up with a great staging idea for the collection show. Now we have to work it out. It’s a little complicated.

No I'm not going to tell anyone what Marc came up with. It wouldn't be a suprise now would it?

Yes! He really does all of this! Marc works all the time. I'll send new pictures later. Gotta go back to work. Meeting with lawyers. Fun!

Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy doing their Sgt Pepper impression

I read and hear negative things about people I know in fashion. It makes me sad. It really is a very giving industry.

A lot of the image of fashion as a ruthless business is fiction. It is a glamour business. People like to write about it. Gossip sells.

I think the fashion industry is like any other industry. I have met mostly nice talented people. If you treat people well, it is returned

Anyone who wants to work in this business better love it! And be prepared to give up a lot. Good night you crazies!

ON “HIS KIDS” (THE STAFF) – here I shout out to London’s finest MJ Man Hugo Scott
The kids I work with all over the world are the most inspiring ever! So a book is being done on them. Working title "the men and women of mj”

The Marc Jacobs photo book about our kids at work is by Brian Bower Smith! He has been shooting them for three years. Beautiful!

(The book comes out in April)
LA is all Oscar fever! Everyone is trying to get a dress on someone. It's crazy! So funny to watch. Glad we don't do that!

MY FAVOURITE TWEET – for its insight into how the reality TV generation has appropriated fashion so they can live out their personal reality show fantasy. (See Becca Shumlin)
"[Fashion is] as competitive as any business. But it has become a spectator sport thanks to reality TV which has nothing to do with the business I know."

Follow Robert at

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