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Silvie Koang MY NEW FASHION WEEK UNIFORM (AND YOURS TOO!) Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Posted by the Fashion Editor at Large New York fashion week kicks off tomorrow, and London Fashion Week starts next friday... so it's ti... 5


Posted by the Fashion Editor at Large
New York fashion week kicks off tomorrow, and London Fashion Week starts next friday... so it's time to work out the fashion uniform of the season. Knowledge is power! Having a uniform makes life so much easier too.

My favourite SS10 look from LA Label  L'Agence, available at Selfridges

They say that fashion changes and style stays the same. Well, that's not true. Fashion can change every week (I know this from working on Grazia, and this is what makes fashion fun).  What constitutes the very core of a stylish wardrobe changes too, just not as often.

For spring there has been a big style basics change. I am seeing it everywhere. Yes of course on fashion conscious women, but also on young girls shopping the high street and on the LA girls who love their casual elegance.

What has happened is, in one set of fashion collections, the former “essentials” of every girl’s wardrobe; namely the blazer, slim jean, basic legging, printed blouse, and statement dress have been replaced by a new set of loose, luxe easy to wear clothes that define a new body proportion. I can say this with authority because my fashion buyer friends agree with me – this is what they are buying for their shops!

"A couple of years back to satisfy demand I would have to buy at least five types of blazer, and at least ten styles of straight-leg dark denim jean," says a very influential buyer friend of mine. "Now it's a biker jacket hybrid, a draped loose jersey T-shirt, a luxury legging or legging jean, a short tunic dress and carrot leg trousers that I need to buy into in different ways," she said over lunch recently. You will already be vaguely familiar with the new style basics, now you just have to buy one or two to see what I mean. They will change the way you feel about the rest of your wardrobe, and give your fashion mojo a boost.


1. A drapey yet snug-fit washed leather jacket with biker details (see this one by one of my favourite labels right now Helmut Lang, from Matches) I tried this on last week, and knew in an instant that it would go with everything from a sexy dress to joggers to jeans, traveller pants (see tomorrows for these babies!!), leggings, and shorts. It's elegant, smart, louche but most of all uber chic, flattering and will serve as a staple for the next couple of years at least. 

2. Baggy trousers with slim-fit ankle, these ones cost £95 and are by Whistles. The tapered rolled-up ankle creates the illusion of a spindly ankle, and therefore of a slim body. Like!

This is my actual top, £25 from Cos, this is a khaki one and they come up over the wrist and you tuck your thumb in the cuff- also bought in black, white, grey

This black mesh tank £25 from COS pulls down to upper thigh and is an amazing layering piece (Also comes in pale nude) 

3. Good T-shirting.  For British readers may I reccomend COS. In the last week have bought ten t-shirts and five vests which am shaering with my other half. They are so useful, and worth every penny. My other preferred T-Shirt labels are Splendid, American Vintage and TopShop.

4. Luxury leggings. See the above from Les Chiffoniers at Matches. Don't need to explain the usefulness of these. These will not date like the printed ones that are around at the moment.

5. A peep toe ankle "boot". These ones are by ACNE, from Net-a-Porter. If you have an eye for fashion, you will NOT get through spring without getting a pair of something a bit like this on your tootsies. Trust!

and finally...a bit of mood

Unique by TopShop backstage shot from SS10

Think of this post as a cocktail, with five parts staples and one part frou-frou cocktail umbrella's, glace cherries and sparklers. To look Fashion Now get all of the above and mix it liberally with all the elements of the above photo!

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