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Silvie Koang Hello Rainbow! Wednesday, March 28, 2012 This is how the "lovely gentlemen" on the street called me when they saw me dresses like this. This has happened before , so I am ... 5

Hello Rainbow!


This is how the "lovely gentlemen" on the street called me when they saw me dresses like this. This has happened before , so I am used to be shouted as if they are trying to get my attention for some meaningless purpose. Naturally, if among three thousand people, one is colored, they turn their heads and take a long stare like it's the first time they ever see color. No, I am not a clown , I think I used color proportionally today, and I don't feel weird, I feel different in a very good way and I love it, because in the masses of grey and black, I shine! - now I am turning narcissistic.
While chocolate and cakes make my body feel happy, color has this brilliant effect of making my mood much more sweater, even though sometimes I prefer earthy tones and grey when too much feels like too much.







How often do you wear color?

Wearing: handmade skirt, vintage blazer and bag, MiniPrix shirt, Pull&Bear tights, Stradivarius shoes
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