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Silvie Koang Day Eight // My Shoes Have a Story Wednesday, May 8, 2013 If shoes could talk, they would tell the best stories. Aside from a few barefoot moments, a pair of shoes has participated in almost every ... 5

Day Eight // My Shoes Have a Story

If shoes could talk, they would tell the best stories. Aside from a few barefoot moments, a pair of shoes has participated in almost every momentous occasion of my life: traveling, graduations, adventures, running, exploring, churching, first dates, last dates, etc. If the pile of shoes in my closet could talk, they would have much to say about how they came into my life and the things they've witnessed in the interim.
So, welcome to a new linkup series on my blog!

shoe stories

I'm teaming up with Katie from Katilda to start the My Shoes Have a Story linkup series. Once a month, I'll pick a pair of shoes from my closet and tell about the adventures and moments they've seen. Anytime during May, you can write your own shoe post and add it to the linkup below. When June comes, we'll start a new linkup for your next story. Feel free to grab the code to steal the image above and add it to your post. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Here's my first go at it...
I have two huge bookshelves that stretch from ceiling to floor, filled with shoes. I am a shoe addict, and I don't even try to deny it. However, the pair of shoes that I am going to be talking about today is the pair that I wore in yesterday's post. Now, these pair of shoes have never been my absolute favorite. I do think they are cute, and I do wear them from time to time. But if I'm being completely honest, the only reason that I still have them on my shelf is because of my husband.

Okay, now let me take you back to about 15 months ago... H and I had been on again-off again dating for about 4 months at this point. And it was only that way because of him. I was head over heels in love with him, and I was ready for commitment. He wasn't sure what he wanted, and all of his friends were single, which made him more reluctant to get into a serious relationship. But in February of 2011, our single's ward decided to host an activity called "Date, Date Revolution." Basically they would randomly match up each girl with 4 different guys--one would pick them up for the date, after 15 minutes you would switch and have salad with a different guy, then switch for dinner, then for dessert, etc. By some lucky chance [and the grace of God], H and I were paired up for the salad portion of the meal. It was awkward, because we had just broken up days earlier, and hadn't really talked since. I wasn't sure what was going through his mind, but I knew what was going through mine. He told me that I looked really good, and I remember him being pretty touchy feely. [This wasn't uncommon though, for him to be touchy feely and cute with me even when we were broken up. Which of course, only played with my head more!]

But back to the story-- After our brief encounter, H and I parted ways to meet up with our other matches, but he was all I could think about. The entire night, I kept looking over at him, and I noticed that he was doing the same. The other dates felt like they lasted a lifetime, where as my date with H seemed so brief. At the end of the night, the girls in charge decided that all of the boys would put their keys in a bowl, each girl would pick one, and that would be their ride home. As H and I were talking, he asked me to pick his keys. I had already planned on it. My heart was racing as I walked up to that bowl. I knew what his keys looked like, but they weren't in the bowl anymore. I started scanning the room for any girl holding his keys, and I don't think I have ever searched for anything so intently. I finally saw a girl holding his keys up in the air. My heart sunk. I looked over at H, and I saw his look of disappointment. But if you know me and my assertive nature, you can bet that I marched over to that girl and made up some excuse to get those keys from her. Yup, I got H to take me home.

[Now. I bet you're all wondering what this story has to do with shoes. Well it doesn't really have anything to do with shoes. Except that I was wearing said shoes on this very night. And that's what the point of this link up is--to share the things your shoes have witnessed. And this night was a good one.]

As H drove me home, I remember being so full of anticipation. If this was a reflection of all our other breakups, we would probably be kissing by the end of the night. [He wasn't too good at the whole break up thing. ;] I remember talking to him in the car and it was as if we weren't broken up. We didn't talk about the fact that we were broken up--we never did. We just talked. When we got to my house, he lingered, so I invited him in. We sat on the couch and talked with my brothers and parents for a bit. His hand kept gliding over my knee and tracing patterns on my back. I didn't know what to think of it. But I liked it. I wasn't sure if that meant he still wanted to be with me, or if he was just lonely. [But really, it had only been a few days since our latest break up. Come on, H! ;] He held my hand for a moment and I got shivers up my spine. This boy was driving me crazy. I decided it was time for him to leave, so I walked him back to the door. No kiss this time, but I could definitely see in his eyes that he wanted to. As I watched him go, it was an exciting and sad moment. Exciting because of his actions that night, but sad because I was still unsure of what it all meant...

I honestly don't remember how soon after that night we got back together, but I do know that we still had about 3 more breakups before he confessed his love for me in April. Many pairs of my shoes have experienced wonderful [and awful] H moments, but this one was definitely my favorite. My shoes were able to witness how crazy and indecisive H was, and that even if he said he wanted a break, he really didn't. ;] From that night on, H always said that those shoes were his favorite, and that is why I haven't gotten rid of them yet. I've only worn them maybe one other time [besides my outfit post yesterday,] so they are my special shoes. And every time H and I see them, they bring back all of the memories from that night, and it really is fun to reminisce.

^^proof of what I was wearing that night--kind of awk that there's another guy in the picture. oh well! and yes, this was my brunette phase...^^

^^really bad angle and picture. but H is cute!^^

And for day 8 of the blogging challenge, today's topic is: Give a piece of advice to others. Continuing on with the topic above, I just want to tell you all to not give up on your dreams. As silly as it sounds, H was [and still is] my dream. I always knew that I wanted to be with him, and regardless of all of the frustrations and heartbreak that I had to endure, I stayed focused on the end goal. Pretty early on, I had some sort of revelation that H and I were supposed to be married, and so I was persistent. Borderline stalker, in fact. [I was the girl who texted every day, casually drove by his house or places I knew he'd be, went through every single picture of his on Facebook, googled his name...] But that's not the point! The point is: If you want something [or someone], don't give up! Work for it! H always tells me that he loves how persistent I am. So yeah, maybe he didn't love it back then, but he does now! And that's all that matters! 

I'd love to hear some of the best [or worst] things YOUR shoes have witnessed! Please link your post below and make sure to put a text link [or the button up above] in your post!

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