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Silvie Koang FAD Profile: Joey Wolffer and The Styleliner Monday, September 9, 2013 At FAD, we love well curated selections. The Styleliner is a mobile curated luxury boutique. It was started by Joey Wolffer above, who took... 5

FAD Profile: Joey Wolffer and The Styleliner

At FAD, we love well curated selections. The Styleliner is a mobile curated luxury boutique. It was started by Joey Wolffer above, who took entrepreneurial inspiration from her great-great-grandfather who started Marks and Spencer, and her father whose legacy remains in Wolffer Estate vineyard and stable. Beginning in 2009, she brought her own experience as a jewelry designer with Meems LTD and Trend Director with Jones Apparel to the road. She now travels the world finding limited edition pieces which she brings to major cities throughout the United States. Exceptionally delivered, personalized style to your doorstep! Joey was gracious enough to comment on her growing project. 

A mobile curated style boutique seems so right for our moment. Can you tell us when and how it began and how it has grown?
I founded the Styleliner in June 2010. I traveled a lot for my different positions at the Jones Group and realized there were some incredible global designers out there who weren’t represented in the US. I wanted to create a space to show them but I couldn’t see myself opening a conventional retail shop. With the craze of food trucks and social media becoming integral in business, I felt a boutique on wheels was the way to go. Since its creation in 2010, Sara Droz has joined me as my business partner as well as the marketing director and business development manager. When I founded the Styleliner, we were focused on the Hamptons and NYC. We are now expanding to a west coast truck that will travel around LA as well as franchised DC truck. We are also creating a small capsule of our own Styleliner accessories which will include jewelry and other accessories inspired by my travels.

You bring style to so many locations. What regional differences have you noticed in the responses to fashion and trend?
Each area brings a different clientele however our customer is always one that is curious about the world and willing to wear something different.

Do you have an intuitive guide to your curating?
I react to what I feel emotionally inspired by. When I enter a market or a trade show, I buy what I feel is right and fits in with the overall feeling of the brand. I don't follow trends.

Venna necklace

Laura B bag

In some ways you are “grass roots fashion,” proving one person outside the traditional fashion system can connect to and influence aesthetics. Do you look to the streets for inspiration and can you see your own influence?
I am constantly inspired by what’s around me whether it be street style, nature, a museum exhibit, a vintage fair or a junk shop. I am comfortable in my personal style and not afraid to mix unexpected pieces. Walking around NYC, you can see that many people explore their own personal style and that is inspirational in itself.

vintage ketoh bracelet

vintage leather bracelet with turquoise 

How would you describe your personal style?
My style is a mixture of bohemian meets street. I am constantly combining modern silhouettes with more colorful, free flowing ones. I love layering vintage with new, mixing prints and piling on necklaces.

A dream unlimited budget Styleliner, just for you, would contain what 5 priceless items?
A Dassios embellished jean jacket from Athens, Greece
A Vintage Navajo Ketoh bracelet form Santa Fe
An over the top statement necklace from Venna from Hong Kong
A Laura B metal mesh cross body bag from Spain
A Figue hand embellished tux shirt from NYC

You can follow Styleliner at the website, FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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