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Silvie Koang October essentials - my picks Wednesday, October 2, 2013 Hello! One of my favourite websites is definitely Polyvore, since it's so creative and gives you possibility to create numerous collages... 5

October essentials - my picks

One of my favourite websites is definitely Polyvore, since it's
so creative and gives you possibility to create numerous collages and
then share it with the world and also make your own little "pin boards"
weather it's home or fashion related.

Here's a list of things I got for myself or have been craving for
this October, which is also one of my favourite months of the year.

1. TOP SHOP boyfriend coat in pink
One of must have pieces this month and Fall is definitely a pink coat.
The more I look at this Top Shop's coat, the more I want it in my

2. DIPTYQUE Figuier scented candle
I'm a huge scented candle fanatic. I just need to have scented candles
at home and I love to light them almost every day.
Diptyque scented candles are definitely in my top 3 favourite brands and
I definitely recommend Figuier because to me that's a smell of Fall :)

3. CRATE AND BARREL Staub pumpkin covered casserole dish
I love cooking and October is among other things all about Halloween, so
this cute pumpkin covered casserole dish will be a great addition to your

4. ETRO Fedora hat
I LOVE hats, but I have one problem... None of the hats fit me the way
I expect them to fit. I seem to be best friends with beanies but when it comes
to hats which I just love seeing on girls (and guys) I can't seem to find the
perfect fit.

5. POTTERY BARN Throw blanket
One thing that you'll always see in my living room is a throw blanket.
I love to wrap myself in a blanket every evening and just sit in my sofa,
watch my favourite TV series, drink tea or edit photos after a photo shoot.

6. ZOE KARSSEN sweatshirt
Something that's been on my craving list for a while now are sweatshirts.
There're so many of them in stores and online shops but this Zoe one looks
very tempting to me :)

7.TORY BURCH boots
Back in August, when I was visiting NYC, I bought myself two new pairs
of very similar boots by Frye, one in black and one in brown.
Something that I can't imagine my Falls without are perfect pair of boots.

8. BURBERRY scarf
Everybody should invest in a good quality scarf which will keep you warm
when the weather gets chilly/ windy/ rainy.
Burberry has great ones, but there're also less pricey but still great quality
ones by Acne for instance.

9. BURBERRY umbrella
This super stylish yet sophisticated umbrella is a great and functional
accessory for Fall.

10. Hot chocolate with whipped cream
Something to keep you warm and what will instantly give you a cozy
and satisfying feeling while you're spending an afternoon/ evening with your
loved ones or watching TV.

11. ESSIE NAIL POLISH Lil rich girl
I love Essie nail polishes and this shade is my pick for this month!

Hope that you have enjoyed in my picks. Let me know which things
you can't imagine your October without?

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