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Silvie Koang Now what? Sunday, January 5, 2014 Christmas is over, 2014 is here and tomorrow is the last day of holidays and the question is: "Now what?" Somehow the whole Fall i... 5

Now what?

Christmas is over, 2014 is here and tomorrow is the last day
of holidays and the question is: "Now what?"
Somehow the whole Fall is about expecting Winter and those
above mentioned holidays, but what then, when it's all finished, all the
presents have been opened, celebrations finished and it's time to
continue with your "everyday life"?

Somehow, after observing for years, me, my family and friends
tend to feel somehow quite down at this time of the year. To fall
asleep and wake up in the Spring feels very tempting and that's in
a way what I would do every year. I would loose all the inspiration or
drive to do anything and would only start feeling like a human again
around end of March.

This year I chose to proceed differently. One of the promises ( goals )
that I wrote down for 2014 was to live life and not let a single day go
to waste. Learn/ do something every day that will make me happy or
bring me one step closer to getting my dreams come true.

If you're having or used to have the same issues as I did and have decided
to do things differently this year, then the good way to keep being active/
motivated is to write down a list of things you would like to do until the
first day of Spring. For instance:

- read that one book you've been wanting to read for a longest time ever
-reorganise your wardrobe and get rid of all of the clothes that you know you
won't be wearing again and that don't fit you anymore
-book a trip to warmer places with beach to take a break from Winter blues
-go out more often and be more social ( great way to lift up your mood )
-go sale shopping with your bff and relax with a nice cup of hot chocolate afterwards
-start a project that you've been wanting to kick off for a long time but never found
time/ courage/ will to do it
-start a course of something: cooking/ foreign language/ dancing/ sewing
-sign up to gym ( one of the best ways to kick start new year and keep your thoughts clear )
-etc. list can be as long as you want it :)

I have made a long list for myself too and it's long enough to keep me occupied until
the flowers start to bloom, daytime becomes way longer than it is now and the sun
start to peek out much more often :)

I'm in the middle of renovation process of my apartment and I have no idea where half of my
things are. It's practically impossible to get my hands on my clothes or accessories, so
sorry if next few outfits will be bit "I've seen this" ones but I promise to try my best to make
them as interesting as possible.

I'm very much looking forward to meeting with my pr girl this coming week, since we'll go
over the final details of my website which should launch in 10 days! YAAAY!

In the end, I would like to THANK YOU!!! so much dear people!!
Thank you for all of the support, heartfelt comments and compliments, you're truly making
me smile every time I check my comments section. You're all so kind and I'm so happy to
have readers like you.

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