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Silvie Koang 3 Ways to Negotiate Salary for a New Job Tuesday, October 14, 2014 A ccepting a new job? You’re in the best position to boost your salary. Why? Because the company has less information on you and you’re not ... 5

3 Ways to Negotiate Salary for a New Job

Accepting a new job? You’re in the best position to boost your salary. Why? Because the company has less information on you and you’re not already working for them. You have more leverage.
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1. Be Calm
Speak calmly and slowly, not at a nervously quick pace. And push the money discussion off — until after you’ve gotten the offer.
When asked the dreaded salary requirement question, just answer N/A if it’s on a form, or try to put it off till later. Say something like, “I’m confident we both can find a figure that’s fair enough, but for now, I just want to see if there’s a fit on your side and on my side.”

2. Briefcase Technique
The best situation from which to negotiate is one in which you have multiple offers. But if you don’t have multiple offers, you should use the “briefcase technique.” This begins with you asking the hiring manager about his or her top challenges, what worked the previous year, what didn’t, etc.
You must already know the answers to these questions through research. So you say, ’It seems like what you’re telling me are that your top challenges are X, Y and Z. If you don’t mind, I prepared a document on how I would handle these three challenges’. Present the document and this will make the employer or interviewer feel that #300,000 or #400,000 for example is a bargain to get someone so prepared.

3. If They Say No
The hiring manager may come up with statements like, ‘No, we can’t do that,’ we don’t have the budget, ‘This is the standard rate,’...bla bla bla. Sometimes they’ll even act angry, but it’s a total act. So don't buy it.
Hiring managers are quite skilled and you probably have never negotiated more than five times in your life; hiring managers do it almost every day.
Our advice: think carefully about how far you’re willing to push. You also have to be willing to walk away to find another opportunity that will pay you what you deserve.
However, most hiring managers will not let a top talent slip by, so they will want to pay you what you think you deserve. For this reason, you must strive to be so good, they can’t ignore you.

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