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Silvie Koang Bloody Randy Naija Pastors by Charlyboy Friday, October 10, 2014 Article written by Charly Boy Ol boy my mouth no fit talk, but my fingers no go fall my hand. Kai! Blood of Jesus.  I like the truth becaus... 5

Bloody Randy Naija Pastors by Charlyboy

Article written by Charly Boy
Ol boy my mouth no fit talk, but my fingers no go fall my hand. Kai! Blood of Jesus.  I like the truth because a lot of people can't stand the truth; it makes many of us uncomfortable because many of us are just living out our fake lives.
This write up is about all the sex scandals going on in the church, about The Bloody Randy Men of God who are busy screwing their female congregation, breaking marriages and turning the bible upside down to fit their slimy nature.
So, if you are one of those Jesus people who can't see the flit in your church, sorry, keep living in denial.

STOP. You don't have to read this.

How can a man of God “fall so easily into temptation” Are they not supposed to be on a higher moral ground than simpletons like us? These predatory pastors love to prey on their victims. It is a preplanned, master manipulative, controlling, calculated ‘decision’. Sadly, most congregations are aware about the bull-crap going on in their church. But like the dumb ignorant Naijas we are, corrupted by fear and the uncertainty of tomorrow, we look the other way. Oh God!

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