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Silvie Koang Chinese Embassy in Nigeria denies students visa on grounds of Ebola Wednesday, October 8, 2014 The Chinese Embassy in Nigeria has denied visas to some students of Ekiti State University on the grounds of Ebola despite the World Health... 5

Chinese Embassy in Nigeria denies students visa on grounds of Ebola

The Chinese Embassy in Nigeria has denied visas to some students of Ekiti State University on the grounds of Ebola despite the World Health Organization declaring Nigeria an Ebola free country.

The students were invited to participate in ENACTUS 2014 (Entrepreneurial Action Us), an international competition of young entrepreneurs involving 36 countries slated for 22 – 24th of October 2014 in China in which Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana and Egypt are to represent Africa. But the Chinese Embassy here refused to grant the student visas to go to China.

The Ekiti State University students, who were picked to represent Nigeria having won the ENACTUS Promoted Innovation Competition earlier in the year, have written an open letter about the situation. Find it after the cut...

We write to introduce ENACTUS (Entrepreneurial Action Us), an international non-profit organization that works with leaders in business and educational Institutions to mobilize university and polytechnic students to make economic difference in their communities while developing the skills to become socially responsible business leaders.

We are pleased to inform you that Students of Ekiti State University are slated to represent Nigeria this October in China having won the ENACTUS Promoted Innovation Competition earlier in the year. It should be noted that our institution along with over 40 others in Nigeria have worked tirelessly to contribute positively to the development of our dear nation Nigeria through the ENACTUS (Entrepreneurial Action Us) Platform by embarking on micro economic impacting projects which has improved the quality of life and standard of living of people in our various communities by stimulating economic demand for locally produced products.

          Annually, ENACTUS participating institutions come together to share their success stories and the institution with the best innovation that meets all judging criteria represents Nigeria at the International competition which is hosted at different countries. At these international competitions, Nigeria has been duly represented over the years as the leading African country and most consistent top five institution in the Final round of the competition. As a matter of fact, Nigeria, represented by Kaduna Polytechnic won the Third position amongst 32 countries at the international competition which was held in Mexico October, 2013.

ENACTUS Ekiti State University is to represent our dear nation Nigeria this ENACTUS year on October 22nd-24th, 2014 at Beijing, China. However, we have been denied VISA by the Chinese Embassy to participate at the competition due to the incidence of the Ebola Virus in Nigeria this year.
Your Excellency, it is our considered opinion that this an act of international discrimination which needs Your Excellency’surgent attention and intervention. The concerted effort of both the Nigerian Government and her citizens in overcoming the scourge of the dreaded Ebola virus should be praised by the international community rather than it being an excuse for any country that has a strong bilateral relationship and economic ties tothe Federal Government of Nigeria to prevent or deny citizens of this great nation theopportunity to promote our innovation and competitiveness in the global stage. We believe that this denial is not only experienced by ENACTUS Ekiti State University but also so many Nigerian citizens travelling to China at this time, we make to the recent International youth Olympics where the Nigerian contingent were isolated thus causing the Hon. Minister for Sports into recalling the contingent back home. We therefore believe that if this trend is not nipped in the bud, Nigeria may soon become pariah state amongst the comity of nations starting the Chinese.

We hereby seek Your Excellency’s to lend a strong voice and action of Support to tell the world in very loud and clear voice that Nigeria is Ebola Free through the ENACTUS EKSU Move tagged “Nigeria is Ebola Free” to give every Nigerian access to his / her right and freedom of association without intimidation and stigmatization at the International level.

In view of the above, we have initiated a social media campaign #NGIsEbolaFree and we plan to spread this message through the social media space to gain international attention.

Please accept the appreciation of our highest regards as we look forward to a quick resolution of the issues not only because of our situation but to save Nigeria’s image.

Yours Sincerely.
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