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Silvie Koang Dear LIB readers: Please read my story and advise Sunday, October 5, 2014 From a female LIB reader Amaka had been dating Amobi for six months now, they were so much in love with plans of the brightest future ahead.... 5

Dear LIB readers: Please read my story and advise

From a female LIB reader
Amaka had been dating Amobi for six months now, they were so much in love with plans of the brightest future ahead. Their meeting was kind of destined after a mutual friend did their introduction and the pair had remained inseparable. 

One Morning, Amaka woke up with a strange stomach ache, she had always experienced an irregular cycle and so she thought it was the same old experience.  That morning her period was excessively heavier than normal and apparently two sanitary towels could not take her. She decided to see a doctor...

At the hospital, After consultation with Dr. Alabi, he requested an ultra-scan be carried out to ascertain her ailment. A follow up appointment was scheduled two days later to review her scan result.  to her surprise, a mass was reportedly found in her uterus. Trembling and sweating profusely, She asked the Dr. "Am I alright/Am I gonna die.................?"

The Dr. looked into her eyes smiling and said to her that a Surgical session is all that is required to remove the mass.

The histology report showed she had Ovarian cancer. She broke down in tears and felt her world had crumbled just when she was about to start her life. Dr. Alabi tried to console her, telling her she had a good chance since it was in its early stage and another surgery would be required to remove her womb to stop the spread.  how would she tell amobi  that her womb would be removed or they can’t have kids, would he understand? they had always dreamt of having kids together.

After the surgery, she told Amobi what she had done, to her surprise his response was positive, He had promised to stay with her because he loved her so much and believed God was the most superior and nothing was impossible for him to do.

Three years later, he proposed to her, she was so happy that the man she loved was ready to make her his own finally.  for a very long time, she had dreamt of that being a reality. She had always bragged to her friends that she had the best boo whose love was unconditional.

Amobi's friend Tola had convinced Amobi not to marry her.  So Amobi called her after three months that he couldn't marry her because she didn't have a womb and could not give him children. Her worst nightmare had finally become her reality.

Do  you think Amobi should have married her or not? Does she deserve to be happy and loved unconditionally? What would you advice Amaka to do? Can you marry a lady like Amaka?

Please advice. This happened to me...
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