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Silvie Koang Elizabeth Daniels Dazzles In New Movie Friday, October 10, 2014 Beautiful Nollywood actress cum producer, Elizabeth Daniels, has dazzled in Folly, a new film from the stable of her production outfit. Foll... 5

Elizabeth Daniels Dazzles In New Movie

Beautiful Nollywood actress cum producer, Elizabeth Daniels, has dazzled in Folly, a new film from the stable of her production outfit.

Folly is a star-studded flick directed by Alex Mouth. Veteran actress, Joke Silva and Uche Jombo leads the array of stars in the award-winning film. Yvonne Nelson, Joseph Benjamin and Alex Ekubo are also part of the characters that added spice to the job.

Joseph Benjamin showered praises on Elizabeth Daniels for a job well done. He described her as one of the most promising writers, producers and actresses that will keep the future dream of Nollywood alive.

Folly will be premiered in the United States of America next month. Elizabeth Daniels’ first movie as a producer was Behind The Melody, a flick that was well rated locally and internationally. Ini Edo and Jim Iyke were some of the stars that featured in the film.

In Folly, Rhoda has a perfect life until recklessness turns her world upside down. Almost 30 years later, on the verge of drinking herself to death, she is jolted back to her senses as she race against time to stop an ugly history from repeating itself!

Folly tells the melancholic story of love and sweet life gone sour. It highlights the thin line between promises and betrayal, how a harmless, thoughtless action can alter lives forever.

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