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Silvie Koang Interesting! OAP Osam reviews P-Square's new album Saturday, October 25, 2014 If you loved or didn't like P-Square's new album Double Trouble, then you need to read this review by popular OAP and comedian, Osam... 5

Interesting! OAP Osam reviews P-Square's new album

If you loved or didn't like P-Square's new album Double Trouble, then you need to read this review by popular OAP and comedian, Osam. Find below...
The accepted norm to know a singer or an artiste’s worth is the reeling out of an LP or an album. In Nigeria today, there is more concentration from artistes in spewing out single after single in the silent bid that one just might be the hit they have been craving for.
P-Square is a group that defies logic in this game of from single to album. There is this midas touch from these boys that just keeps everybody in awe.

Hate ‘em, Love ‘em, they are one of the very few professionals left in this dispensation.
As an OAP, I play back to back hit songs for 6hours Monday to Friday, and I now want to take a critical look at albums that have come out recently so as to know why the craze for singles short of albums which is every artiste’s nightmare.

This is a review of Psquare’s 6THalbum DOUBLE TROUBLE.

Track 1: SHEKINI
An ‘African Jungle Beat’ as I term it, popularised the likes of Davido’s ‘AYE/SKELEWU’,Runtown’s ‘GALLARDO’ etc. It’s a beat with a waist winding push and prompts to mind the wave of the SHOKI/SKELEWU/SEKEM dance. The joker about this track is that the Igbo boys that isPsquare actually sang the hook in impeccable Yoruba. Attention grabbing track for an album opener.

A nice highlife track. I believe Sunny Neji is one ingredient missing from this track. It has its upbeat swing that brings in the vintage Psquare flavour. Guys, make sure you are not missing your lady when listening to this track.

A personal favourite. An initial 20 second listen of this track from the start would leave you guessing if it’s a foreign track. Featuring Dave Scott,  a hitherto unknown American singer from Texas. Listening to this mid tempo pop track with its undulating beat, apart from its message of hope, voice artistry comes into play here. The harmony of Dave’s voice and that of Psquare is absolutely timed and mind blowing. Rudeboy himself solely produced this one, and that would be Paul Okoye!

Track 4: MMS(Mugu Money Spender)
You just have to give it to the power of the African Jungle Beat yet again. It seems as if Psquare are being penitent from the carefree ‘CHOP MY MONEY’ frenzy and are now wise with the way money is to be spent. LOL.Hardcorebassline accompanies this yet  another dance track to the wave of Skelewu/Shoki/Sekem dance step.

Track 5: IFEOMA
If you know Psquare, this is another vintage track with a pleading message of love assisted with a mix of highlife and uptempo reggae. The bassline too just grabs my attention. Guys, this is another song you could use to win your sweethearts back. But please tell her that when she hears IFEOMA being called out in the song she should replace it with her own name in her head o!

Track 6:  EJEAJO ft TI
Now this is a track with a Yoruba phrase ‘EJEAJO’ which means ‘Let’s dance’ .Psquare takes us back to the swinging 80’s soul train era with this intense pop tune. Personally, I believe Jermaine Jackson would have fit into this track because the American rapper T.I rap comes up short. It’s a nice experiment  and would hit the reminiscing over 35’s. Good back up video though.

Funnily enough Don Jazzy didn’t produce this track. Another African Jungle Beat with good vibes from the collabo of Psquare and Don Jazzy, produced by Oscar. Chicks love this jam. Beware if a chick sings it to you!

I was expecting to hear Flavour’s input in this track because this is just down his alley. Inspiring track in igbo chorus whose title means ‘ It will last forever’. A fine blend of highlife and African Jungle Beat.

Track 9: NO BE JOKE
Rhythm and Blues slow tempo with a good bassline, aligning drumbeats and a blend of the Pqsuare trademark voice.

No doubt this song is geared at haters and probably was structured to make them dance when they hear it hence the makossabeat . The track’s authenticity is heightened with the inclusion of the Makossa maestro AWILO LOGOMBA who did justice with his own rendition in his Congolese dialect from the start of the song. On point for makossa lovers,

Track 11: SARI SARI
Another up tempo highlife song depicting love to a girl. This dance tracks shows the dexterity of Psquare being able switch from pidgin to igbo then English with a smooth flow. Love the guitar solos though.

Track 12: ZOMBIE ft Jermaine Jackson

Okay, this is where I have a little bit of bother. Is it the Michael Jackson-like wail his brother Jermaine added throughout this track? Or is it that the track is a stylish mix of Afrobeat and pop? Or is it that it sounds like an experimental sound? I think this is the track T.I should have featured in to add that rap feel. This song was produced solely by Mr P and that would be Peter Okoye!

Track 13: IJE LOVE
This is the track you would dedicate to that special woman in your life. I can see this track being played at wedding reception because of its up tempo nature and infusion of highlife
TESTIMONY- In which some  market men and women use in opening their shops in Lagos,
PERSONALLY- The video made Jermaine interested in Psquare
ALINGO- A song with a dance to it.

*MY RATINGS: Good effort!*
I  am going to be reviewing some albums that came out recently next  and I am going to call a spade a spade!
So if you want an album reviewed, which would you like?

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