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Silvie Koang Kaira Beauty Line: Shop for quality skin care products and weaves Friday, October 24, 2014 The skin is indeed the most fragile and sensitive organ of the body,it is also the organ most prone to all sorts of conditions, from harsh... 5

Kaira Beauty Line: Shop for quality skin care products and weaves

The skin is indeed the most fragile and sensitive organ of the body,it is also the organ most prone to all sorts of conditions, from harsh weather to side effects of using harsh chemical products, to poor diet and poor skin care routine.

At Kaira Beauty Line, we know that African ladies are very conscious of their skin, hence our vision is to give you that radiant, glowing, healthy skin you deserve, thus restoring your self confidence...

Kaira Beauty Line stocks a range of skin beauty products aimed at nourishing the skin and repairing damaged skin cells with products that are 100% free of harsh chemicals like mercury,hydroquinon and steroids.

Our active ingredients consists of natures best recipes such as Arbotin,Kojic acid, liquorrice,lactic acid,Glycolic acid,carrot oil, rosehip oil,Argan oil..etc

At Kaira Beauty Line, because we deal with a lot of women from celebrities to society ladies to career women and the everyday woman out there, we strive to ensure that the identities of our clients are kept confidential.

Our range of skin products include:

This is the first stage in skin care routine, this product removes old & dead skin layers on the skin's outermost surface,thus aiding the growth of new skin. The Exfoliating soap/ scrub prepares the skin to easily  receive  subsequent product used on it.

This product is specially formulated for the african woman, it helps remove sun spots and burns resulting from direct and extreme sun exposure. It removes black spots and patches on the face while blending the skin complexion ,leaving you with an even-toned skin.

This product aims at removing those dark patches and pigmentation on the knee,elbow and knuckles area which may have resulted from the use of harsh creams or lack of moisturizing the area.

This product is effective for a total removal of pigmentation on skin be it black spots or age spots.  It evens out the skin on the face,leaving your face smooth,bright and glowing.

As a woman gets older,she begins to notice some wrinkles,age spots,fine lines,eye bags,and sagging of the skin,these are all signs of aging. This occurs because the skin doesn't produce as much collagen (protein) as it used to. This cream serves as a supplement to increase collagen when it is absorbed into the skin, leaving the skin more firm and healthy.

Effective on all skin types and color. Its rich blend of coconut oil and shea butter nourishes the skin, making it healthy, soft and silky smooth with a natural glow.

For a brighter,lighter skin complexion. Free of any harsh chemicals and side effects. Its ingredients are formulated to brighten the skin in a subtle yet visible way.

This cream lightens the skin complexion ,gives the skin a more even-toned and glowing appearance. It leaves no blemish or burn whatsoever.

This oil aids in the removal of the scarring on the skin which is usually caused by the tearing of the dermis. It helps reduce the appearance of the stretch marks and aims at preventing new stretch marks .     
The  rich blend of Rosehip oil, Almond oil,Argan oil and Jojoba oil extract ,leaves the skin rich in moisture, heals the skin and removes any blemish or scar. It also serves as an anti-aging product which leaves you younger looking.

This is a pill that aids in the removal of free radicals in the skin,it is an anti-oxidant (Anti-aging pill). It blends the skin color to a brighter,blemish free complexion.

very effective in skin lightening , leaving you with a lighter, radiant skin with that golden undertone u desire.

LUBIDO ENHANCER(Happy spouse):
This pill is naturally formulated  for females to increase sexual arousal in an effective way. It also boosts sexual orgasm/satisfaction in women.

We stock top quality straight, wavy ,curly hair and closures be it Brazilian, peruvian, italian, Eurasian, European , indian , spanish etc....Available in all lenghts.

Tel:08081499416, 07058566606
BB Pin :75036D7D
BB Channel:C001260A1
IG :kairabeautyline


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