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Silvie Koang Man allegedly rapes & impregnates 16yr old daughter in Oyo state Sunday, October 5, 2014 A 42 year old man who allegedly impregnated his 16 year old daughter in Oyo state has been arrested by the state police command. According t... 5

Man allegedly rapes & impregnates 16yr old daughter in Oyo state

A 42 year old man who allegedly impregnated his 16 year old daughter in Oyo state has been arrested by the state police command. According to Sunday Sun, the JSS 2 student was repeatedly raped by her own father after she'd left her mum and gone to live with him. Oyo State Com­missioner of Police, Kola Sodipo said on the night she was first raped, the father had asked the victim to undress, but when she refused and attempted to escape, he threatened her with a cut­lass and then raped her.

The 16 year old gave birth to her father's child on September 16th. Continue...

After the act, the raped girl reported what happened to her step mother who didn't do anything about it. Recounting how her ordeal started and what transpired after, the victim told Sunday Sun:
“I was living with my mother until 2013 when my father asked me to come and live with him. On December 25, 2013 my father woke me up and asked me to remove my clothes but I refused. He drew a cut­lass and threatened to kill me if I didn’t do his bidding. I removed my clothes and he forcefully had sex with me. He was the first man to sleep with me be­cause I had never had sex before then. I reported the ugly incident to one of his two wives who is a nurse and she promised to ask him but I don’t know whether she asked him or not.
“In March 2014, he did the same thing again and I ran to the house of his second wife and reported to her. She asked me to swear to an oath with the Bible but I refused since I knew I was speaking the truth. I started sleeping in her apartment. In April, he came and asked me to return to his apartment to do some things for him but I refused to go. His second wife, however, put pressure on me to answer my father’s call as he wanted me to do some things for him at home. I followed him after much pressure.
“During Easter celebration on April 18, 2014 he had sex with me again. All this while I didn’t know I was pregnant because I had my last menstruation in December 2013. My stepmother sus­pected that I was pregnant and took me to a clinic at Igbeti where a test showed I was pregnant.”
“The case was reported at the police station on April 30, 2014 and I started living with my paternal grand­father. I was taken to General Hospital Igbeti, where my mother pleaded with the doctor to abort the pregnancy, but the doctor said he would not do it. After I delivered the baby and my grandmother was told the baby looks like father, my father ran away.”
“When the pregnancy was confirmed, the Divi­sional Police Officer (DPO) and the Di­visional Crime Officer (DCO) were the ones who purchased the baby clothes and other things needed. They also paid the hospital bill. I am appealing to the public to come to my assistance and help me finish my education. I am in JSS 2.”
The baby was delivered on September 16, 2014.

The Medical Director of the General Hospital where the baby was delivered advised that a DNA test should be carried out to determine the pater­nity of the child but said it can't be done until six months after delivery of the baby.

The girl's father has been charged to court. He was remanded in Oyo Prison pending when the case comes up on October 24th.

Source - Sun News Online
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