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Silvie Koang ServiceForts Business Academy training: become a highly paid web consultant Tuesday, October 14, 2014 S erviceForts Business Academy (SBA), a dynamic and prestigious business school for learning the secrets of street-smart online entrepreneur... 5

ServiceForts Business Academy training: become a highly paid web consultant

ServiceForts Business Academy (SBA), a dynamic and prestigious business school for learning the secrets of street-smart online entrepreneurship led by Efe Imiren; the Secretary General of the Association of Information Marketers of Nigeria (AMIN); spent the last 7 years equipping aspiring entrepreneurs with hard-to-find information and education for starting and growing their own businesses – digitally.

In celebrating Nigerias’ independence, ServiceForts Business Academy educates and informs its’ students and readers of its’ weekly business newsletters about the hottest trending businesses for the year in a FREE 6 Hours training organized annually.
This year, ServiceForts Business Academy will be holding a FREE 6 Hours detailed and practical training on Web Consulting Business and Book Publishing Business; arguably two of the hottest trending businesses in the year 2014.
These businesses are discussed at their respective websites –
Efe Imiren began practicing, teaching and educating aspiring online entrepreneurs about Web Consulting Business at ServiceForts Business Academy way back when the term was still obscure in this country and when most newbies to the internet world were still trying to grasp what the business was all about.
Web Consulting is one of the hottest business trends in the market today, as more and more people appreciate the independence and flexibility it brings and the range of potential income that this business can generate.
If you have developed expertise in designing websites, using the internet and you are familiar with using social networking websites, all you need is to learn how to present your expertise as a service that potential clients are willing to pay for and start a profitable Online Web consulting business.
If you desire knowledge and expertise in creating ecommerce websites and deploying social media for high profile business consulting purposes, then read the next paragraph with rapt attention:
On 1st of October AND 8th November 2014, a team of seasoned Web Consultants from ServiceForts Business Academy will be training you FREE for 6 Hours on How to build eCommerce Websites like Jumia and, and they will also show you how to start your own profitable web consulting business without going broke or begging from door to door. You will also be taught how to get your clients to take your skills seriously and pay for your expertise.
A seat at SBA trainings, typically ranges from N35,000 upwards, in fact students have paid up to N35,000 per seat to attend this training in the past.
But in the spirit of celebrating Nigerias' independence, SBA is bringing you this training - FREE.
To get the Venue Details and time for this years’ FREE training, simply visit SBA website to register FREE with your name and email address – send an emailtitled “Web Consulting” to with the following information “Your GSM + Your email + Your Name”.
In Summary, here is what to take away from this reading-
Event: 6 Hours FREE Web Consulting Business Training
Date: 1st October and 8th November 2014
Trainers: ServiceForts Business Academy
How To Register: send an emailcontaining your name, email, phone number to webcontony@getresponse.netemail should be titled “Web Consulting”
Happy Independence Celebration!
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