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Silvie Koang Beauty - new in/ favorites!!! Monday, June 24, 2013 Hello!! Here's a little break from outfit posts and a little insight into new beauty related products I've been loving recently and ... 5

Beauty - new in/ favorites!!!

Here's a little break from outfit posts and a little insight into new beauty related products
I've been loving recently and bought not more than half a month ago.
I'm very pleased with all of the products and I always buy products which I've been either using
before or the ones I've been reading a lot of reviews about, etc.
Here're my current new in ones!

HYPNOSE DRAMA EYES ( Alber Elbaz for Lancome)

My 1st favourite is new eyeshadow palette from Lancome with super lovely package designed
by one and only Alber Elbaz. I'm very happy with the colours in this palette, just the right ones
for a perfect smokey eye.
I'm planning to use it in couple of days so you'll be able to see how it looks like when it's applied.


Another package from Lancome, as well designed by Alber Elbaz. I have used Hypnose
mascara for a long time up until a year ago when I switched to Giorgio Armani, but I just
couldn't resist this lovely package, so when my current mascara runs out, I'll use this one
for a while :)


I love Illamasqua make up and lipsticks are definitely my favourite ones! I think that this shade
is perfect for Summer and can't wait to put it on tomorrow :)

ESTEE LAUDER Advance Night Repair serum
REN T-zone cleansing gel

Estee Luder's Advance Night Repair serum became my holy grail product in matter of
two days! It took only two days to see a huge difference/ improvement on my skin!
It's a magical product, bit pricy, but definitely worth every penny, so if you can, invest in
it because it does wonders for your skin while you sleep :)

Ren's Cleansing gel for T-zone is an absolute new favourite cleansing gel! T-zone never
looked better and pores are minimized! I will definitely repurchase this product again.


I just bought Hydra moisturising cream this morning and can't yet tell how good
it works for me, but I'm putting big hopes in it since it's absolutely the type of cream
I've been looking for this Summer.
My holy grail cream is LaMer's Creme de la mer, but I felt that I needed a change
during the Summer time, so after emptying two boxes of Kiehl's moisturising cream
it was a no brainer to purchase this one since I've been just reading great reviews about it.
It promises to hydrate my skin 24h a day, so I'm very excited to start using it :)

WELEDA Citrus hand and nail cream
ESSIE Lilacism nail polish

Weleda's Skin Food hand cream is my go to cream during the Winter, but
once again, during the Summer time I prefer something lighter, so this Citrus hand and
nail cream was a perfect choice.
I love the texture, smell and it does the job it's supposed to do!

Essie nail polishes take majority of nail polish space in my toilet cabinets.
Lilacism looks beautiful, very girly and I think that it will be one of my favourites for
a while when it comes to painting my nails.

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