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Silvie Koang Beauty products - new in Monday, March 18, 2013 Here's a beauty post about products that I have purchased in last two weeks. Some of the products ( most of them ) I have never used bef... 5

Beauty products - new in

Here's a beauty post about products that I have purchased in last two weeks.
Some of the products ( most of them ) I have never used before and
some of them are repurchased items.

Some products which I have never used before, I did try out now for
couple of days and some of them I'm going to try today/ tomorrow since they
were bought this morning.

Let's start with Spring Cherry shower gel and moisturizing gel by L'OCCITANE.

These two products were on my wish list for couple of weeks and after finishing
my previous bath products also by L'Occitane I have decided to go back to the
store today and purchase these 2 products.
So far I can only tell that they smell beautiful and very light (discrete).
They will be perfect for the upcoming Spring, can't wait to use them.
My previous experiences with L'Occitane bath products are all positive. Washing gels
and body lotions are leaving my skin silky and smelling wonderfully throughout the day.

Next onto Double Serum by CLARINS and Cleansing Foam by LUMENE LAB.

I have heard many girls rave about Clarins' Double Serum, I have read numerous reviews
online so I just had to go and get one for myself.
I have used it only couple of times now, so I can't yet tell how good it is, but I can tell that you
can apply it either in the morning and/ or at evening, you can also use it on your neck and
then apply moisturizer.
It has 20 plant extracts and it "promises" to reduce the wrinkles, make pores smaller and
visibly make skin younger.
Let's see how it will work for me, I'll update you on this product sometime later on.

Lumene is the most famous finnish beauty products name. I was very impressed to know
that even girls that are not finnish and are living outside Finland have heard of Lumene and
are using their products.
This is the first time I'm trying this brand and only because I got very interested in their
new line of products especially "designed" by the best finnish lab scientist and are available
only in selected pharmacies.
I have used this foam only once and so far I really love how it feels on my skin.
This product is paraben free, mineral oils and synthetic colorants free.

I went to LUSH store this morning as well and after positive experience with Ro's Argan
body conditioner and Lemony flutter scrub for nails, I have decided to check some new
products and I bought face mask Mask of magnaminty and Sweetie Pie jelly bath/ shower
wash. Lovely lady at Lush store gave me some samples of soaps and my favorite one is
Egg Hunt, it smells heavenly :)
I have heard all the best about Mask of magnaminty and can't wait to try it out tonight,
as well as Sweetie Pie so I'll keep you updated on these products as well!

Next and last products for this post are ESTE LAUDER's Idealist Pore minimizing serum
and CLARINS' Instant Light - natural lip perfector.

Estee Lauder's Idealist is product I'm very much pleased with. I've been using it before and
this is my 2nd bottle. I have seen improvements in my skin and it feels very light on my
skin when I put it on, it "soaks" immediately. It's citrusy scent always refreshes me in the morning :)

Clarins' lip perfector is actually just a tester which I got when I bought a present
for my mom, so I will definitely go back to the Clarins counter and buy this in the normal size
since I absolutely love this product. It smells great, it gives my lips beautiful nude/ pink color,
moisturizes them and is not sticky which I hate about the lip glosses for instance.
Definitely worth trying out if you're interested in this product!

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