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Silvie Koang THE FASHION NEWS ON INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY Friday, March 8, 2013 Posted by Bethan Holt, Junior Fashion Editor at Large Today is International Women's Day and so (quite rightly) the internet is celebra... 5


Posted by Bethan Holt, Junior Fashion Editor at Large

Today is International Women's Day and so (quite rightly) the internet is celebrating female achievements and talking about the inequalities and injustices which still exist and what we can do about them. One of the things I read this morning was The Telegraph's 'Feminist and Proud' piece in which four high profile women who proudly call themselves feminists discuss why that fight is still important. Personally, I don't see what all the fuss about calling yourself a feminist is. The term has a bad rep but I wish that everyone who just wants to live in an equal, fair world would just get on and say they're a feminist rather than worrying about whether that might label them a man-hating bra burner (yawn).

One of the contributors was Sandi Toksvig who wrote:

"Not long ago... I attended a degree ceremony for the University of Surrey at Guildford Cathedral. Afterwards, a young woman dressed in her academic gown and mortarboard was being helped down the steps by her parents. In addition to being bedecked in educational success she was also wearing high heels; such high heels that she was unable to manage the stone stairs on her own. On the day in which her mind was being celebrated, her shoes infantilised her."

Girls looking happy in trainers (images via
 I am quite into the idea that part of being a good feminist is supporting other girls in whatever they chose to do. Have a baby and stay at home with him/her? Go for it. Get an abortion? Be my guest. Wear ridiculously high heels which you absolutely cannot walk in? Yes, have fun! But sometimes the choices we make aren't exactly autonomous but heavily influenced by what we think others will think of us. Fashion can be guilty of implanting ideas so strong that people who really want to be fashionable follow them, sometimes to their own detriment. So it is my personal opinion that is was quite stupid of the fashion/ celebrity/ TOWIE machine to make those silly heels so very desirable. Luckily we're mostly past that little era. So much so in fact that we have completely swung the other way and pretty much the hottest footwear right now is trainers. I'm wearing my fluoro Nikes today and every street style blog is littered with influentially stylish girls  in Air Max, New Balance, Vans etc. What's more, plenty of shows this season styled their looks not with spindly heels but with sensible brogues. I love The Times' Hannah Rochell's blog En Brogue, which is a tribute and source of inspiration for all shoes flat. 

I'm not stupid enough to think that this will last forever but let's just have fun with it for today. 


While there might not be loads of sample sale action at the moment, there is one which you might like to take a look at this weekend...

We know that this blog can get rather London-centric sometimes so were very pleased to hear about a fun-sounding fashion event up North. Peter Jensen's SS13 collection was inspired by the sculpture of Barbara Hepworth so he has hooked up with The Hepworth Wakefield to host an event to celebrate the launch of the collection. On 27th March, Jensen will be at the gallery along with models wearing his pieces to talk about how he worked with Hepworth's art. Contact  01924 247360/ to get your free tickets. 

Peter Jensen SS13 with hats by Bernstock Spiers
If you like shoes, you need to get this book. Pre-order now or get to a Roger Vivier boutique (great excuse!) to get yours from April 5th. P.S These might have heels, but you can definitely stride along alone in them, no infantilising issues. 

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