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Silvie Koang New in - Beauty Friday, August 9, 2013 This Friday I've prepared something different for you guys. I have collected a lot of new beauty products in the past 2 months, so I wan... 5

New in - Beauty

This Friday I've prepared something different for you guys.
I have collected a lot of new beauty products in the past 2 months, so
I wanted to share with you which ones I've been using and how are they
doing for me.

Here we go :)

As you can see, there're a lot of different products for body, hair, skin, nails, etc.
Let's start with the body ones:

L'OCCITANE VANILLA & NARCIS body shower gel and lotion

I have picked these two products not long time ago, maybe a week ago and
I already can't imagine my morning shower without them. I love anything vanilla
scented and Narcis has nicely complemented vanilla scent in this gel/ lotion that
it turned out to be my favourite combination so far. I have used soooo many different
body gels and lotions but these two bottles are my favourite purchase so far when it
comes to that matter.

KIEHL'S CREME DE CORPS soy milk&honey body polish

I have just picked up this product and I still haven't come around to use it, but
once I will, I think that I'm going to like it a lot. I like everything I've tried from
Kiehl's so far and I don't think that this body polish will be any less worth my money.
I will update you on how I liked it, once I start using it, but for now I can tell you
what Kiehl's "promises" that it will do : "Exfoliates skin without drying it. Contains
pure honey and milk protein. Leaves skin soft and smooth."


I absolutely like this foot cream with mint oil and honey. It's very cooling, nourishing and
the skin on my feet isn't so rough looking anymore after it's been very roughened up
after my holidays in Croatia, since I've been walking bare feet almost everywhere and esp.
I like to walk on the rocks and rocky beaches, so...

MICHAEL TODD ORGANICS clay mask and cleansing gel for face

I've been using these two products for about 2 weeks now and I can say
that they're definitely amazing! They're great for my skin, I feel that they
don't dry my skin out, they cleanse it well, unclog my pores and also leave
my skin feeling soft and looking radiant! I have ordered these products directly
from their official website, since I haven't seen Michel Todd anywhere in Europe.

LA MER cleansing foam

This is my holy grail product! I've been using it for over 3 years now and
it's done wonders for my skin which was in horrible shape back then.
It's like gentle peeling and cleansing gel in one. I can recommend this to everyone!
Also, this product lasts for quite long, about 2 months in my case.

MAC brush cleanser liquid

Great product! I bought it because it's been recommended to me and
it became my saviour right away, since I didn't had any product which I could
use to clean my brushes with. Definitely worth the money.

BARE MINERALS spf 20 concealer & maximum coverage brush

One of the best concealing products! I really like both, they've come in handy
quite often lately since I haven't been getting much sleep and thanks to these two
little thingies my face/ eyes look much more rested that what they really are :)

PAPIER POUDRE powdered rose paper

My skin tends to get quite oily/ greasy after wearing make up for couple
of hours and these little papers come in very handy in those situations when
my forehead looks like you could fry eggs on it, but I still need to stay downtown
and have no possibility to touch up my make up.


These two shades are Jamaica Me Crazy and Mademoiselle. I've picked up these
two on my holidays in Croatia and have been using them frequently!
What else to say about Essie nail polishes that you already don't know? I just love them!

MOROCCANOIL frizz control

Great little thing which keeps my hair "in place" and it doesn't look awful
5 minutes after going out of the house.
It's very simple to use and it does the great job, just like the rest of Moroccanoil
products I've used so far.

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