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Silvie Koang THE WEEK IN FASHION: AUGUST 5th-9th Friday, August 9, 2013 Posted by Bethan Holt, Junior Fashion Editor at Large It's been a good week for short hair, yay! It's all down to Beyonce who only h... 5


Posted by Bethan Holt, Junior Fashion Editor at Large

It's been a good week for short hair, yay! It's all down to Beyonce who only has to post a photo or two on Instagram and the world goes absolutely mad for the idea of chopping all your hair off. Admitedly, if there were ever anyone who was going to convince you to part with your locks, Bey is the one and she does look stunning. If you fancy a drastic cut, then may I recommend Blue Tit. I got a great 'do in their Dalston salon last week by Pont. Last night, they opened up in Peckham too which you will of course be aware in the new Dalston.

Beyonce goes short (via Instagram)
The latest crop of Brit talent is fast-becoming world-renowned, competing with the designer big guns. There have been investments, collaborations and ever more elaborate catwalk shows but what we need now is shops. It seems they could be on their way. Reports this week suggest that Victoria Beckham, Roksanda Ilincic and Christopher Kane might all be opening soon. Kane is looking, Beckham is "discussing" and Ilincic could be moving to Mount Street.

Rachel McAdams wearing futuristic Roksanda Ilincic this week (via
Speaking of store openings, J.Crew have announced two further London stores in addition to the Regent Street London flagship which looks like it'll open its doors at the start of November. There will be a dedicated menswear shop on Lamb's Conduit street where we can sate cravings for oversized cashmere jumpers from October 10th, though focus will be on shirts, curated guest labels and monogramming. A Brompton Cross space will house limited pieces from the J.Crew Collection plus a selection of brands including Penelope Chilvers and Comme des Garcons. Bring on Autumn and get in the mood by reading Avril Mair's interview with Jenna Lyons in this month's Harper's Bazaar.

From November we can all look like this. Maybe (via
Racism in fashion. An issue which definitely exists but doesn't get talked about nearly enough. Eric Wilson wrote a brilliant, incisive piece examining the situation state side, including interviews with key casting directors and members of the fashion industry who feel like they have been victims of racist treatment. A must-read. Wilson's article comes in conjunction with Oprah Winfrey discussing racist treatment she suffered during a recent trip to Switzerland. Winfrey, one of the world's richest women, told how she was informed that a bag she had asked to see in Swiss boutique Trois Pommes would be "too expensive" for her.
Oprah (via
John Galliano may or may not be getting a permanent job at Oscar de la Renta. "We would love to find  a way to work with him" said Alex Bolen, CEO at de la Renta. Watch this space.

The really sad news about two volunteers in Zanzibar being attacked with acid brought back my own memories of going to Tanzania and Zanzibar for a summer a few years ago. I loved it and really hope this doesn't put anyone off going because the place is beautiful and the people kind and funny. While we were there, we took full advantage of the street side tailors who would run you up a made-to-measure skirt in a wonderful print. I wish I'd known about them before going so I could have taken full advantage of their skill. Afua Hirsch's wonderful column about a similar practice in Ghana cleverly hits on the utter genius of having clothes "made to fit our bodies".

Tailoring at work in Ghana (via

"Little Black Dress" sounds like an exhibition worth booking a trip to Paris for. It's on until September 22nd so if you're off to the city of light before then, be sure to make time for it. Whet your fashion appetite (or make up for a missed opportunity) by reading Suzy Menkes' look at the many guises of the item every girl and woman needs in her wardrobe.

The most famous LBD ever. Hepburn as Golightly in Givenchy (via
The recent revival in Punk has clearly been good for Dr Martens. It's reminded us about the stompy boots which have become symbols of rebellion and strength since the first pair were made in 1960. If there was one shoe to define the social change which has taken place over the past 50 years it would surely be these? The brand has capitalised on this sentiment for their new campaign which features 13 proud wearers of DMs. They've made this very cool film which makes you feel like you should really get something done this weekend...

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